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Patrick Schwarzenegger Is Not A Fan Of Bella Thorne’s Hair And She Is Pissed

Bella Thorne Is Pissed After What Patrick Schwarzenegger Said About Her Hair FEATUREAt times, Bella Thorne’s hair seems to have a mind of its own. After adding a lime green ombre with her sister back in November, Bella had rainbow tips before opting for her self-described “yung smurf” all-blue look. She’s even been touching up her blue as it fades, so it’s starting to look like the Meryl Streep co-star has settled into her blue hue.

But an old friend of Bella’s isn’t into it and decided to let the world know. Patrick Schwarzenegger, who co-starred with Bella in “Midnight Sun,” retweeted a fan who asked for his help in convincing Bella to go back to blonde.
Bella Thorne Is Pissed After What Patrick Schwarzenegger Said About Her Hair TWEET 2


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Patrick Schwarzenegger Graduates From USC With His Parents By His Side

Patrick Schwarzenegger graduates-3Over the weekend, Patrick Schwarzenegger made his parents proud. The model, actor and former flame of Miley Cyrus graduated from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business.

The actor’s dad couldn’t wait to tell the world how proud he was and shared a photo with his son. “Patrick, I’m so proud of you. You have grown into a great man – physically and mentally. Congrats. I love you,” Arnold captioned the image.

Patrick’s older sister Christina Schwarzenegger also attended USC, where she studied Communication.

See Patrick’s graduation photos below.

(Photo credits: Patrick Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger Instagram accounts)

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Patrick Schwarzenegger Popped A Pill At Coachella, But It’s Not What You Think

PatrickOver the weekend, Patrick Schwarzenegger was filmed taking a mystery pill at Coachella. The video shows the 22-year-old model and actor placing a tablet in his mouth as he is joined by his girlfriend Abby Champion. A rep for Patrick assured the folks at Entertainment Tonight that Patrick was not doing drugs at the music festival.

“He doesn’t take drugs,” the rep says. Patrick was allegedly taking an herbal supplement called “Party Smart,” which is designed to prevent hangovers.

See the video in question below.

(Photo credit: Abby Champion Instagram account)

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Bella Thorne Leaves Vancouver to Continue Her Birthday Celebrations With Gregg Sulkin

Birthday Girl Bella Thorne & Patrick Schwarzenegger Catch A Flight Out Of VancouverYesterday, actress Bella Thorne celebrated her 18th birthday with the cast of “Midnight Sun” before hopping on a plane with costar Patrick Schwarzenegger to leave Vancouver. Bella took off to Los Angeles to meet up with boyfriend Gregg Sulkin and continue the celebrating.

View photos of Bella and Patrick leaving Vancouver below.

(Photo Credit: FameFlyNet and Bella Thorne Instagram)
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“Scream Queens” Adds Miley Cyrus’ Ex Patrick Schwarzenegger to the Cast

Patrick schwarzenegger joins scream queens-1If the cast of FOX’s “Scream Queens” wasn’t big enough already, Ryan Murphy has added Patrick Schwarzenegger to the seemingly massive cast. The producer tweeted the news earlier today. Patrick schwarzenegger joins scream queensRyan didn’t offer many details, but E! News reports that Patrick will play “Thad Radwell,” the brother of the preppy boyfriend of Emma Roberts’ character, Chanel, and will make his “Scream Queens” debut in November. 

Patrick will see a familiar face on set because he’s previously worked with Ariana Grande, playing her love interest in the music video for her song, “Right There.” No word, yet, on whether the two actors’ characters will share any screen time.

We also have no idea how well Patrick will do as an actor in his “Scream Queens” role, given his limited experience. Shouldn’t matter too much, though, given the cheesy nature of some of the footage we’ve seen leaked from the show so far …

(Photo credit: Ryan Murphy Twitter account)

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Miley & Selena Sing Karaoke Together At A Birthday Party, Miley Has Finally Forgiven Selena For Stealing Nick Jonas?

miley-selena-whatmiley-nickSelena Gomez is known for her volatile relationships with boys, but Miley Cyrus may forgiven Selena for stealing her first love Nick Jonas. Miley, Selena and Katy Perry went to Markus Molinari’s birthday at Blind Dragon in Los Angeles on Friday night and they all hopped into a karaoke booth to perform a rendition of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’, reports Page Six.

Cheater Patrick was also there: ‘Miley looked amazing and didn’t seem to care Patrick was even there. She seems totally over it! Miley and Patrick stayed far apart. They arrived at different times and left separately at different times. He didn’t even try to get close to her.’

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