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Lea Michele Announces New Sophomore Album And Says “F*ck It If People Don’t Like It”

Lea Michele announces name of album-2Lea Michele has announced the name of her sophomore album will be titled “Places,” which was thought of by doing a seance. “I poured myself the biggest glass of red wine, I put Fleetwood Mac on my vinyl, I lit candles, and I legit started praying and looking for a sign,” she tells Billboard.

And she found the sign she was looking for while searching through an art book given to her by Stevie Nicks after the passing of Cory Monteith. “And there was something in there that said, ‘The only thing that matters is you, and who you are.’ That’s what I’ve been trying to do with this whole record — just connect to me and where I’m from,” Lea explains.

Just a phone call with best friend Jonathan Groff later and the “Scream Queens” star had decided “Places” would be the perfect name for her album. Another word for ‘showtime’ in Broadway, the album will drop later this year and will be completely different than the actress’ debut album, “Louder.”

“This is a vocal album, and there are definitely love songs in there, but there’s also a sense of freedom,” she said of “Places” compared to the Top 40 attempt of “Louder.” It seems Lea’s new approach to her new album has also brought along a new attitude towards its critics. “Fuck it if people don’t like it,” she proclaimed.

Read the full Billboard interview here.

Are you looking forward to Lea’s album?

(Photo credit: Lea Michele Instagram account)

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