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Demi Lovato Trashes President Trump Following Charlottesville Remarks: “So Much For Facts”

Demi Lovato Goes Off On The President's Response To Charlottesville So Much For Facts featureDemi Lovato was a little behind the news this weekend. The singer, normally always eager to sound off on Twitter, took her time responding to the weekend’s horrors in Charlottesville, Virginia. Now she’s lashing out at someone who’s response was even slower and much more alarming: President Donald Trump.

Demi took to Twitter on Tuesday for a burst of impassioned tweets about the tense political climate following the white supremacist rally. In a series of subtweets for the president, Demi took at aim at some of Donald’s rhetoric about the rally and the violence that killed a counter-protester.

Demi Lovato Goes Off On The President's Response To Charlottesville So Much For Facts tweet 1

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Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato And Most Of Fifth Harmony Speak Out After President Donald Trump’s Transgender Troop Ban

Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato And Most Of Fifth Harmony Speak Out After President Donald Trump's Transgender Troop Ban featurePresident Donald Trump announced a surprise new policy on Twitter Wednesday morning. In a series of three tweets, the president said that transgender individuals will no longer be able to serve “in any capacity” in the U.S. Military. He wrote that the country’s armed forced cannot be “burdened” by the “disruption that transgender in the military would entail.”

The announcement took people by surprise from Twitter to the Pentagon as it threatens the livelihoods of thousands of American enlistees and veterans. People quickly responded with love for the trans community on social media. The hashtag #TransRightsAreHumanRights started trending online and several stars joined in to voice their support.

Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato And Most Of Fifth Harmony Speak Out After President Donald Trump's Transgender Troop Ban president donald trump tweets

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Lauren Jauregui Has Some Advice For President Donald Trump

Lauren Jauregui is mad at the president again-1It was the start of a new week on Sunday, which meant that it was time for Lauren Jauregui to tweet out her distaste for the president. The singer’s latest tweets to 45 all stemmed from him defending his son against the “fake news” that he believes is “DISTORTING DEMOCRACY in our country!”
Lauren Jauregui is mad at the president again-3

She then took it a step further by actually replying to President Trump, calling him and his sons out.
Lauren Jauregui is mad at the president again-2Never one to be shy about her feelings on injustice, Lauren has recently made it her mission to voice her opinions on a variety of topics. Her favorite topic appears to be the president; however, he has yet to respond to any of Lauren’s tweets against him.

(Photo credit: Lauren Jauregui Instagram account)


Lindsay Lohan Shows Support For President Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin

Hacked Or Just Wack? Lindsay Lohan Tweets Support For President Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin featureLindsay Lohan is at the center of a new controversy. The out-of-work actress has been politically active in the last year, as she’s tried to lead Hollywood’s charge in helping Syrian refugees. While she’s been hesitant to come back to the United States or comment on its national politics, new tweets make it seem like she’s coming out of her political shell.

While Lindsay has been partying in Mykonos for her birthday, her account has posted messages of support for President Donald Trump and his followers. After retweeting a message about the conservative values of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, her account wrote “THIS IS our president” in a reply to a pro-Trump tweet.

“Stop #bullying him & start trusting him,” the tweet continued. “Thank you personally for supporting #THEUSA.” In another tweet, Lindsay’s account praised Donald and his family as “kind people” and asked why anyone would “speak poorly” of them.

Hacked Or Just Wack? Lindsay Lohan Tweets Support For President Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin general wondering 7The tweets had several fans confused. While many thought it could just be lowered inhibitions resulting from Lindsay’s birthday partying, others openly wondered why Lindsay would tweet support for a man who once said of her: “She’s probably deeply troubled and therefore great in bed.” The confusion led one fan to do some digging.

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Zendaya And Lauren Jauregui Are Over Donald Trump’s “Modern Day Presidential” Tweets

Zendaya And Lauren Jauregui Are Over Donald Trump's Modern Day Presidential Tweets featurePresident Donald Trump has a fondness for Twitter. After an especially busy week from the president on the platform, celebs reacted in kind. Among those hitting back at the president for his posts were Zendaya and Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui. Both stars seem to be stunned by Donald’s latest activity.

The president tweeted an edited video of himself from a professional wrestling match. In the video, Donald tackles WWE head honcho Vince McMahon, but Vince’s head is covered up with the CNN logo. The president apparently intended the tweet to be a celebration of his recent attacks on CNN. But Zendaya and Lauren weren’t having it.

“I just want you all to remember,” Zendaya wrote. “This is a tweet from the ‘president’.” Zendaya expressed her shock at the move, writing, “That’s really him…that shit is just embarrassing.” She also retweeted a hot take from Ava DuVernay about the double standards in play between Donald and President Barack Obama.

“How the fuck are you a president,” Lauren wrote in a direct reply to Donald’s tweet. She then fended off attacks from people questioning who she was. When an account for “an ad-free social network” called Gab accused her of just being jealous of Donald’s “meme game,” she shot back by addressing the real issues that concern her.

The President recently claimed in another tweet, “My use of social media is not Presidential – it’s MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL.”

See Zendaya and Lauren’s tweets about the President’s latest online outburst below.

(Photo credits: Zendaya and Lauren Jauregui Instagram accounts)

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Halsey Speaks Out Against President Donald Trump’s Global Gag Rule

Halsey Speaks Out Against President Donald Trump's Global Gag Rule featureHalsey took a break from her album promotion to speak out about a presidential policy shift. The singer teamed up with Art Not War for a video speaking out against the Global Gag Rule Donald Trump reinstated in the days immediately following his inauguration. The policy means that any nonprofit organization operating outside of the U.S. is prohibited from providing education about abortion.

“Trump took a failed, deadly policy first introduced by the Reagan administration and rescinded by every Democratic president since and made it worse,” Halsey said in the video. “The gag rules shuts down funding for services like HIV prevention or contraception if providers so much as advise a patient on where to get an abortion. But Donald Trump’s version goes even further, denying all global assistance, including programs that address infectious diseases like Malaria, Zika and now even HIV.” Halsey said the result of this policy is simple: “Women die.”

She went on to discuss The Global Her Act, a new piece of legislation designed to fight the Gag Rule internationally and protect the U.S. from similar legislation the administration might bring. It’s the latest form of political activism from the “Now or Never” singer.

Watch the video below.

(Photo credit: Art Not War Vimeo account)

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