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Bella Thorne Can’t Stop Listening To Her New Song, But Will Anyone Else Feel The Same?

Bella Thorne teases new songBella Thorne is really excited about her collaboration with Prince Fox and can’t stop teasing the single. The actress was all over Instagram story forcing her friends to listen to her new song. “Just Call.” and singing along to the words.

When Bella confirmed that she would be featured on the song, the actress played a little bit of the tracks that doesn’t sound too different from the pop songs on the music charts now.

Take a listen to Bella’s new song below.

(Photo credit: Bella Thorne Instagram account)

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Blame Prince Fox For Bella Thorne’s Return To Music

Bella Thorne Return To Music Is Thanks To Prince Fox featureBella Thorne promised that she’s returning to music and it looks like it’s finally happening. It’s been revealed that Bella Thorne will be featured on a track from Prince Fox, a DJ and producer from Manhattan. As Bella and Prince Fox confirm their collab online, a video from Bella’s Instagram story has her singing along to the new track, “Just Call,” has emerged online.

While it’s hard to hear exactly what’s going on, it sounds like a mellow pop vibe with lyrics about a lover who should give her a call for a lot of different reasons.

Check out the video preview of Bella’s new song below.

(Photo credit: Bella Thorne and Prince Fox Instagram accounts)

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