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Justin Bieber Delivers Teary-Eyed Performance Of “Purpose” In Germany

Justin Bieber Performs Purpose With Tears In His EyesJustin Bieber wiped away tears in Germany during his Wednesday night concert. The singer took to the stage in Frankfurt and was overcome with emotion while performing “Purpose.” Videos taken from the concert show Justin tending to his tears while fans screamed with encouragement. He seemed surprised by the strong emotional reaction and had to stop singing during various points of the song to take it all in. Oddly enough, the crying appeared to come out of happiness as he was grinning from ear to ear.

This wasn’t the first time that “Purpose” brought Justin to tears and it doesn’t seem like it’ll be the last. At least, he didn’t storm off as a result of the screaming audience.

Check out the video below.

(Photo credit: Purpose Tour Updates Instagram account)

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Justin Bieber Launches Affordable “Purpose Tour” Line At Forever 21

Justin Bieber Launches Clothing Line At Forever 21Justin Bieber’s tour merch made retail history and now it’s actually making fans happy. The “Sorry” singer’s limited edition “Purpose Tour” clothing line is now available online at Forever 21, known to bring affordable fashion options to young people everywhere. Each piece falls under $35, but most sizes have already sold out. Have no fear, because Justin’s merch will hit select stores beginning August 29.

Browse a few of the “Forever Justin” looks below and check out the full collection here.

(Photo credit: JBCrewdotcom and Forever 21 Twitter accounts)

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Justin Bieber Disappoints Detroit Fans

Justin BieberJustin Bieber’s “Purpose Tour” seems to be paving the way for his next tour, which, according to Michigan concertgoers, should be one filled with apologies. The singer’s stop in Auburn Hills last night got vicious reviews regarding his lackluster performance and blatant lip-syncing.

By the third song, Justin had clearly stopped trying to cover up his reliance on pre-recorded tracks. He is seen lowering the mic and dancing, with minimal effort, to “Get Used To It.” The show continued to disappoint with lagging energy and a distant Justin.Justin Bieber 1Justin Bieber 2Justin Bieber 3Oddly enough, Justin was excited to see his fans before the concert. The singer is seen running around the parking lot of the venue while he greets fans with what looks like more energy than he used all night.

Check out photos and videos from last night’s performance and let us know what you think.

(Photo credit: JBCrewdotcom, luckylizkacz, rcubba, idcjulens and bruntunes Twitter accounts)

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Justin Bieber Gets Choked Out By His Own Opening Act

Justin Bieber choked-3There could be some trouble brewing on the “Purpose Tour” between Justin Bieber and opening act Post Malone. While at a Houston nightclub, things between the two artists seemed to have gotten so heated Post Malone needed to put his hand around Justin’s throat.

Photos have surfaced showing the rapper looking as if he’s choking the “Company” singer and by the shocked look on Justin’s face he wasn’t expecting it. No word on why Post Malone allegedly assaulted Justin, but it may have something to do with Justin deciding to use the rapper as an ashtray while he performed.

Regardless of what happened, Justin and Post Malone seemed to have worked out their differences and continued on with the tour in Atlanta.

See the photos of Justin being choked and a video of him using Post Malone as an ashtray below.

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