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A Shameless Demi Lovato Crashes DJ Khaled’s iHeartRadio Music Festival Performance

Demi Lovato Joins DJ Khaled at iHeartRadioDemi Lovato wasn’t scheduled to perform at this weekend’s iHeartRadio Music Festival, but that didn’t stop her from showing up anyway. The singer joined DJ Khaled as the producer closed out the festival with the help of Chance the Rapper, Quavo and alleged soon-to-be father Travis Scott.

The sole lady of the group performed “Sorry Not Sorry” to the crowd with the voice of Khaled talking throughout the song. If this was an audition, hopefully the songstress will find herself on one of the producer’s inevitable number-one singles in the future.

Watch Demi’s performance below.

(Photo credit: iHeartRadio Instagram account)

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Camila Cabello Delivers On Her Double Feature: “OMG” And “Havana” Now Showing

Camila Cabello Delivers On Her Double Feature: OMG And Havana Now Showing featureFifth How-many? Camila Cabello’s stock as a solo artist seems to be skyrocketing after she dropped a double feature of new singles. As promised, “OMG” featuring Quavo of Migos and “Havana” featuring Young Thug are out now. Just like the last time she simultaneously dropped two singles, the double barrel blast of songs captures some of the contrasts in Camila’s sound.

“OMG” is the kind of generic club banger that Quavo is the perfect feature for. The track is propelled by a tick-tock cymbal pattern and sounds like it was recorded in a futuristic sewer full of leaky pipes. “Havana” is a very different story.

With moody, fast-moving piano chords layered on top of a Latin dance beat, Camila appears to have written the perfect song for cruising through the Cuban capital city in a vintage convertible. Well-timed flourishes from a brass section sound like friends saying hello with the honk of a horn.

While the two songs feel different, they do have one strange thing in common. Camila seems to be using some kind of map or atlas to write some of her lyrics because both songs featurie city names prominently in rhymes.

Hear Camila’s new songs below.

(Photo credit: Camila Cabello Instagram account)

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Camila Cabello Reveals Album Features And They Are The Same Artists Everyone’s Used All Summer

Camila Cabello's Big Featured Act Is The Same Artist Everyone's Turned To All Summer featureCamila Cabello just teased a “double feature” for her album coming soon. She’s delivered on that promise after after revealing two featured artists for her upcoming solo debut in an Instagram post. Camila tapped into her vintage aesthetic again for the latest post.

In a shot of another movie theater, there are some fresh, crisp neons lights making the front of the building glow. It’s a stark contrast from the post-apocalyptic burnout look of the drive-in featured in her last post. She teases the term “summer double feature” again, and the songs “Havana” and “OMG” are both listed on the marquee.

Beneath them, it reads, “Starring Camila Cabello and featuring Young Thug and Quavo.” It’s unclear if the two rappers are both on both songs, or if they each got one. They have worked together in the past, but the hip hop heavyweights might also be seen as opposite sides of a pretty major issue.

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Liam Payne Reveals A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The “Strip That Down” Music Video

Liam Payne Reveals A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Strip That Down Music Video featureLiam Payne is stripping away the high-gloss veneer on his solo music video. The One Direction singer posted a behind-the-scenes look at the video shoot. In it, he explained some of the shots in the visual while a massive team of creative people brought the concept to life.

Liam showed off some of the dancers in the video, promising that he was practicing to get better at moving his body. Eventually, he was joined by Quavo from Migos.

See the behind-the-scenes footage below.

(Photo credit: Liam Payne VEVO YouTube account)

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Halsey Goes On The Defense After Apologizing For Quavo’s Homophobic Past

Halsey defends statements about Quavo-1Halsey was a very busy woman late Thursday night after allegedly defending rapper Quavo’s homophobic past to The Guardian. Soon after the interview was released, the singer, who identifies as queer, took to Twitter to defend her comments to some furious fans.

“I think he’s misunderstood,” Halsey originally told The Guardian. “Just because I choose to be a socially conscious artist, and I’m pretty good at it, that doesn’t mean every artist is going to be equipped to be politically correct.” As you can imagine, Halsey’s fanbase was not very accepting of the singer’s justification of Quavo and his feelings towards the LGBTQ community.

Things went from bad to worse for Halsey when she then claimed that the Migos rapper isn’t really homophobic. “I think he’s in a tough place of trying to explain what he means. I agree his apology was bullshit but I can’t police everybody,” she said. The singer apologized for her statements via a series of tweets explaining her relationship with the rapper and her true intentions.
Halsey defends statements about Quavo-9

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Keke Palmer Hosts Her Own TED Talks For “Wind Up” Music Video

Keke Palmer holds her own TED TalksKeke Palmer has released the music video for a new song that you probably didn’t know existed, “Wind Up.” The actress held her own version of TED Talks and changed the original slogan to “light worth spreading.”

Like half of the music today, Quavo of Migos was featured on the track and even appeared in the visual in the form of a hologram. With dancing and hula hoops, Keke spreads the light while also singing about putting “old bitches in the grinder.”

Watch the music video below.

(Photo credit: YouTube)

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