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Rita Ora Plays Silly Song Game and Performs Live on ‘The Tonight Show’

Rita Ora Jimmy FallonRita Ora appeared with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show last night. During her interview segment, she spoke about her new music and made a bit of a fool of herself playing a game where Jimmy had to guess songs after Rita sang one word clues.

Then Rita got down to business. She gave a strong performance of “Let You Love Me” for The Tonight Show‘s live studio audience.

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Rita Ora Takes New Year’s Trip to the Maldive Islands … But Can’t Find a Bikini Top that Fits

Rita Ora Teeny FeatureRita Ora decided to enjoy a New Year’s break far from the crowds on a boating holiday in the Maldive Islands. On the trip, the “Let You Love Me” singer could be seen spilling out of lots of tiny string bikinis.

That led Rita to a realization that she shared with her fans on Instagram. “I think,” Rita wrote “I need to figure out my bra size.”

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Rita Ora is “Never Satisfied” in NSFW Video for ‘LOVE Magazine’

Rita Ora Love FeatureRita Ora was showcased in the latest video for LOVE Magazine‘s #MovingLove series. Focusing on a statement by Rita that she is “never satisfied,” the video mostly focuses on showing sexy footage of Rita’s body, including a number of topless and mostly nude flash cuts of the British pop singer.

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Rita Ora Was A Golden Era Hollywood Star When She Performed at the Capital FM Jingle Ball

Rita Ora JIngle BallRita Ora wore an outfit straight out of Hollywood’s Golden Age when she was one of the headliners at the 2018 Capital FM Jingle Ball in London last night. Rita wore her platinum blonde hair pinup style with exaggerated cat eye sunglasses as she came out on stage, her pink, satin pajama top opened to reveal a tight white corset.

For her set, she performed two of her bigger hits “I Will Never Let You Down” and “Let You Love Me.” Rita also sang several other tracks, including “Lonely Together,” “Your Song,” and fan-favorite “Anywhere.”

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Rita Ora Performs on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Concert Series

Rita Ora Jimmy KimmelPutting the flack she got about her lip-syncing flub at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in November behind her, Rita Ora returned to New York last night for an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Concert Series. In front of Jimmy’s studio audience, Rita performed a live version of her hit, “Let You Love Me.”

Rita began the performance with an extended piano introduction, and then moved into the main verses of  the song supported by a full live band and backup singers. At several points, Rita seemed to have inserted dramatic pauses not in the recorded version of her single — almost as if she was trying to draw attention to the fact that she was performing the song live without a backing track.

The studio audience initially greeted Rita with polite applause. But by the end of the set, it looked like Rita had won them over and they gave her an enthusiastic response when she finished.

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