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Robert Pattinson May “Kind Of” Be A Single Man Soon

Are Robert Pattinson and FKA twigs done for goodThings aren’t looking too good for Robert Pattinson and kind of fiancée FKA twigs. After a week of the actor making headlines for his eyebrow-raising responses to engagement questions, FKA Twigs was seen hanging out with French model Brieuc Breitenstein.

The singer and model took in a few sights in Ibiza on Friday and while things seemed friendly between the two, there came a point during which Brieuc kissed the singer on her head. The outing comes after Robert was seen dining with Katy Perry, sparking rumors that he and his singing fiancée were beginning to cool off.

See the photos of FKA Twigs and Brieuc below.

(Photo credit: hellogiggles Twitter account)

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Robert Pattinson Is Feeling “Eh” About Marrying FKA Twigs

Robert Pattinson for GQ-1Robert Pattinson is on the cover of this month’s GQ and discusses his return to the limelight for his new film “Good Time.” During the interview, the actor showed even more uncertainty regarding his engagement to singer FKA Twigs than he did when talking to Howard Stern.

“Eh…,” Robert answered when asked if he and his fiancée were getting married. While the answer could raise red flags after the actor was seen having dinner with Katy Perry not too long ago, the response could also be a strategic way for Robert to protect people close to him.

“I always think the risk reward is very much weighted in the wrong direction,” he said about not answering questions people already know the answer to.

Read Robert’s full GQ interview here and see photos from the editorial below.

(Photo credits: GQ Instagram account; Daniel Jackson)

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People Are Losing Their Jobs To Keep Katy Perry’s New Fling Hush Hush

People Are Losing Their Jobs To Keep Katy Perry's New Fling With Robert Pattinson Hush Hush featureKaty Perry’s apparent new fling with Robert Pattinson is getting a little more real. The duo was spotted cozying up over dinner this weekend, leading to speculation that the two are a fledgling couple.

That news was reinforced when Robert’s “kind of” fiancée, FKA Twigs, shared a photo via Instagram without her engagement ring. The post seems to confirm a growing rift between the couple, possibly even an end to the relationship. It might even have a little shade for Katy, who was sitting next to her “friend” Robert.

Meanwhile, another new detail from Katy and Robert’s rendezvous seems like further proof that the couple is a real item. People are reportedly getting fired for not stopping other restaurant patrons from taking the pics. According to Page Six, three people lost their jobs at the Sunset Tower Hotel’s Tower Bar for not stopping the candid pics of the could-be couple from being taken. Photos are banned in the celeb-friendly hotspot.

A source also told Page Six that Robert and Katy were out with a group and the hang-out “certainly wasn’t any kind of date, as has been insinuated.”

Check out FKA’s post sans engagement ring below.

(Photo credits: Katy Perry Instagram account and “Jimmy Kimmel Live” YouTube account)

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Katy Perry And Robert Pattinson Fuel Dating Rumors In West Hollywood

Katy Perry And Robert Pattinson Fuel Dating RumorsKaty Perry and Robert Pattinson were spotted getting cozy at a restaurant in West Hollywood on Saturday night, according to TMZ. Photos show Katy and Robert sitting next to each other at a table where they were joined by a small group of friends. Naturally, this outing has started sparking dating rumors.

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“Kind Of” Engaged Robert Pattinson Reveals How Porn Got Him Expelled From School

Robert Pattinson reveals Twilight secrets and is kind of engagedRobert Pattinson is back in the spotlight promoting his new film “Good Time.” The actor recently stopped by the Howard Stern Show and revealed some new facts and answered a question that has been on everyone’s mind.

“I’ve never actually said this before. I was stealing porno magazines and selling them at school,” he admitted. “No one knew at all what to do with them, though… I’d sell them for a lot of money.” Unfortunately, the actor’s salesman days came to an end when he was caught stealing the porn merchandise and his parents were called. But his porn-selling downfall didn’t end there. “Basically every single one of my friends snitched on me, literally, across the board.”

Luckily, he gave up his business to become an actor, but even his chance at being a “Twilight” star almost crashed and burned. “I was very serious,” he recalled. He was so serious that he almost got fired and was told by his agent to change his attitude. “I came back after lunch and I was like, ‘Hi! Look at me, I wanna keep my job!’”

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FKA Twigs And Robert Pattinson Show Up To The Met Gala Together

fka twigs met gala-6FKA twigs and Robert Pattinson seem to be doing just fine following reports that the two were experiencing some trouble in paradise. Last night, they attended the 2016 Met Gala. A source told E! News that “They haven’t drifted apart [despite claims], but they haven’t spoken as much lately because of his filming schedule.”

Also at the event was Robert’s ex-girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, who has been dating French singer Soko since March.

See the couple’s red carpet look below.

Are you happy to see Robert and FKA twigs still together?

(Photo credit: twigsupdates Twitter account)

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