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Normani Kordei Finds An Unlikely Way To Cope With Watching “The Notebook” For The First Time

Normani Kordei Finds An Unlikely Way To Cope With Watching The Notebook For The First Time featureAs fans and stars celebrate “Mean Girls” on a very important date, the comedy’s lasting impacts are still evident–maybe most of all in the lives of Lauren Jauregui and Normani Kordei. The two Fifth Harmony singers drew on “Mean Girls” to help Normani through watching “The Notebook” for the first time.

In a couple of tweets on Monday morning, Lauren shared Normani’s reaction to her first time seeing the heartbreaking romance starring Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. Apparently, there was only one way that Normani could cope: making the connection in her head between Rachel’s character, Allie, in “The Notebook” and Regina George, the conniving queen bee in “Mean Girls.”

Check out Lauren’s tweets below to see exactly how Normani dealt with the pain in “The Notebook.”

(Photo credits: Lauren Jauregui and Normani Kordei Twitter accounts)

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Justin Bieber Channels His Inner Ryan Gosling…Or Maybe He’s Just A Wannabe

Justin Bieber Channels Ryan GoslingJustin Bieber hasn’t been shy about his love for Ryan Gosling. The “Sorry” singer may have taken it one step further, while spending an afternoon riding motor bikes with Lewis Hamilton.

Justin shared a few photos on Instagram from the outing, and one of his photos strikes an odd resemblance to one of his posts about Ryan. It might not have been intentional, but the similarities are undeniable.

See pictures from Justin’s day of play, including the Ryan-inspired post below.

Do you see the resemblance?

(Photo credits: JBCrewdotcom Twitter account, Justin Bieber and Lewis Hamilton Instagram accounts)

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Justin Bieber Finds A New Man “Beast” To Appreciate

Move Over, Taye Diggs: Justin Bieber Finds A New Man Beast To AppreciateIt seems like Justin Bieber has moved on from his dream of hanging out with Taye Diggs, iguanas and yellow cake. The “Company” singer has found the new object of his affection—actor Ryan Gosling.

Justin shared two photos of Ryan taken from the film “The Place Beyond the Pines” on Instagram, and he captioned both with “What a beast.” In one photo, the actor posses with a cigarette and a dirt bike. In the other, he feeds a baby.

Check out the Ryan Gosling appreciation posts below.

Do you share Justin’s love for Ryan Gosling?

(Photo credit: JBCrewdotcom Twitter account and Justin Bieber Instagram account)

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