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Too Far? Sarah Hyland Fires Back At Magazine For Plastic Surgery Accusations

Sarah Hyland Goes Off On Life And Style Magazine For Plastic Surgery Article featureSarah Hyland has had enough of the plastic surgery rumors. The “Modern Family” actress went off on Twitter after Life & Style published a report that quoted a doctor claiming to be a “plastic surgery expert” about changes to Sarah’s face over the years. In the original article, the source claimed that Sarah might have had some work done by comparing old and new photos of her.

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Sarah Hyland Responds To Body-Shamers Revealing She’s Been On Bed Rest

Sarah Hyland speaks out againa body shamers-1Before the premiere of ABC’s “Dirty Dancing” on Wednesday, Sarah Hyland needed to get a few things off of her chest regarding recent comments about her weight. The “Modern Family” actress shared her statement on the body-shaming comments on Wednesday night via Twitter.

“I’d like to address something that has not only been brought up on Twitter but has been HEAVILY discussed by all of you in my Instagram comments,” Sarah began. That something happens to be her weight and how people find her to be too skinny. “No one’s head should be bigger than their body but considering I’ve basically been on bed rest for the past few months, I’ve lost a lot of muscle mass,” she continued to explain her situation.

Sarah isn’t shy about how much she loves to indulge on junk food, but the star says that not being able to workout has been “very upsetting.” “I write this because I have been accused of promoting anorexia in, ironically enough, an anti bullying post,” she wrote. “Am I bothered by my appearance right now? Well it’s never fun to look in the mirror and see your hard work at the gym fade away,” Sarah said.

While she didn’t get into much detail about why she’s been on bed rest, Sarah did reveal that she is currently taking Prednisone, a drug commonly used to treat allergic disorders, skin conditions, ulcerative colitis, lupus and arthritis among other ailments.

Read more of Sarah’s post below.

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DNCE Gets Some Help Promoting “Kissing Strangers” From Famous Friends

DNCE Gets Some Help Promoting Kissing Strangers From Famous Friends featureDNCE is getting serious about promoting its new single, “Kissing Strangers.” The collab with Nicki Minaj got a ton of very conveniently timed love from the group’s famous friends on Twitter on Monday night. An onslaught of verified Twitter accounts tweeted about the track within a few hours of each other, and the band’s account retweeted XX tweets sharing the love.

“Modern Family” stars Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland had love and fire emojis to share for the track, respectively. Sophie Turner’s “Game of Thrones” co-star Maisie Williams joined the fun, too. Other celebs like Nina Dobrev, Laura Marano and Joe Jonas’ Guess ad co-star Charlotte Mckinney all got their tweets out.

The flood of tweets almost seemed like it was coordinated, especially as the string of retweets ended with a teaser clip for the group’s new music video for the song. Hopefully, everyone got what they wanted from the high-volume promotional effort.

Check out the celeb tweets below, plus see the new teaser for another “Kissing Strangers” video.

(Photo credit: DNCE Instagram account)

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Sarah Hyland Goes Off On Conservative Joe Walsh For Insensitive Comments To Jimmy Kimmel

Sarah Hyland goes awf on Joe Walsh-4Sarah Hyland tried and failed to hold back her anger towards conservative radio show host Joe Walsh who shared his unwanted opinion on Jimmy Kimmel’s family health scare.

Earlier this week, the late show host revealed that his newborn son needed surgery soon after his birth. He then used the story of his son’s pre-existing condition to touch on the importance of having health insurance which is what Joe Walsh seemed to take issue with. “Sorry Jimmy Kimmel: your sad story doesn’t obligate me or anybody else to pay for somebody else’s health care,” Joe tweeted.

The “Modern Family” star caught wind of Joe’s message to Jimmy, and, after careful consideration, decided that the best course of action would be to drag him.
Sarah Hyland goes awf on Joe Walsh-1Sarah Hyland goes awf on Joe Walsh-5

Read Sarah’s response to Joe in defense of Jimmy below.

(Photo credit: Sarah Hyland Instagram account)

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