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Selena Gomez BLOATED Vanity Fair Party Face Reason Revealed ‘Looking Wobbly With Eyes Half Shut Crouched On The Pavement’

FSelena Gomez is falling apart and headed back to rehab, reports OK! Magazine: ‘It seems like Selena Gomez doesn’t yet know what her heart wants, and the partying she is doing to compensate has her friends and family increasingly worried.

The alarm bells grew even louder when Selena left the Vanity Fair post Oscar’s party looking decidedly wobbly, eyes were half shut and she crouched on the pavement in her Louis Vuitton gown while she, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham waited for their transportation.’

Selena is devastated by Justin Bieber parading around with Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin, and she is drinking her sorrows away, despite the fact that she has a new boyfriend of her own, Zedd. Her friends and family think that going back to rehab is unavoidable.’


Taylor Swift Enlists Camila Cabello In Her All Girl Squad Celebrating 18th Birthday With Selena Gomez!

taylor-girl-squad (1)lovrTaylor Swift Instagrammed: ‘Happy Birthday, @camila_cabello!! We all love you so much.’ Camila: ‘there is nothing that feels better than love. nothing feels better than being in a room full of genuine, incredible people giving you so much love. thank you to everyone who came last night for making it so special for me!!!! I LOVE 18. @taylorswift’

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Selena Gomez Versus Composer Instagram Fight Settled, Selena’s New Song ‘GO’ Will Be Released On His Soundcloud

Selena Gomez stars in Adidas NEO line collection **USA ONLY**InstagramOthers14560LOL FOREVER! Composer has clarified that Selena Gomez’s new song ‘GO’ that produced for her will not be her next single or on her CD, it will just be released on his SoundCloud as his ‘future project’. Selena had a panic attack yesterday commenting on his Instagram account ‘WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS‘, and also commenting on numerous fan accounts to stop the rumor.

Do YOU think Selena is okay? :(