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Justin Bieber Power Ranger Halloween Costume + Selena Gomez Has ‘Too Many Thoughts’ And ‘For You’ Rumored Track Listing

selena-thoughts (3)selena-thoughts (4)selena-thoughts (4)Selena Gomez has ‘Too many thoughts’. VIDEO under! Bitty dressed as a Power Ranger with tights pants + out with fans in New York. Rumored ‘For You’ tracklist under via Amazon France!

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Grammy Deserving Gorgeous Music Artist Selena Gomez Greatest Hits Album ‘For You’ Available For Pre-Order At Wal-Mart For $11.88!

a-fakegreat‘The Voice Of Our Generation’ Selena Goddess Gomez set to release her Greatest Hits album ‘For You’ On November 24, 2014. Selenita is ending her contract with Hollywood Records after five albums and will release her NEW album via Interscope Records. Pre-order Selena’s album NOW for $11.88 at Wal-Mart! Selenators are over the moon right now and we are all dying for new music next year!


Justin Bieber Sociopath, Selena Gomez Scared Of His Behavior, He Refuses To Stay Away Like A Stalker

bieber-stalkeJustin Bieber is borderline stalking Selena Gomez during their most recent breakup. Source told Life & Style: ‘Selena has become genuinely afraid of her ex, who has an infamous history of violent and erratic behavior.

It’s made her worried to leave the house, she thinks he’s acting like a sociopath. Bieber has no intention of letting Selena go, and he’s taken to blowing up her phone with countless texts and calls.

Selena is petrified that Bieber will show up at her house or work, and since he allegedly refuses to stay away no matter how much she asks him. Selena thinks he’s acting like a stalker. She just wants him to go away.’

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Saint Selena Gomez Blesses Fan On Instagram ‘You Are Great. You Have Purpose. I Am So Proud Of You’

selena-gomez-bangs (1)lord-selenaSaint Selena Gomez blessed a fan on Instagram: ‘I’ve had a really horrible couple of months, family issues, my health and mental health and I’m trying to be strong and get better but I’m not going to lie it’s hard. I’m trying so hard to keep staying positive. I’m starting to get professional help and starting to change my way of life I’m starting to get more physical and eating better.

I felt like saying this cause I know a lot of you guys have the same issues maybe even worse and I’m telling you to please if you have depression or anxiety disorder like me please get help. You can’t do this alone, it’s hard. Change the way you look at things and stay positive..

..and keep telling yourself that things will get better. And I want to thank Selena for reminding me everyday that I can overcome anything if I stay strong, & stay focused and positive. Thank you Selena for giving me happiness and helping me get through this.

I’m crying while writing this because I feel like I needed to say this..
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