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Selena Gomez Offers Some More Thoughts on Anxiety and Depression for Her Fans

Selena Gomez Lauren DaigleSelena Gomez uploaded a video again on her Instagram Stories yesterday for fans who asked questions about anxiety and depression during the pop singer’s last Instagram Live Stream which she held after midnight on early Saturday morning.  Selena wanted to suggest a song that helps her when she feels down.

Selena mentioned that she likes to listen to “worship music” when she finds herself asking the question “why am I not feeling good?” She goes on to recommend Continue Reading →


Selena Gomez, Becky G and Dua Lipa Party Behind the Scenes at Jennifer Lopez Concert in Las Vegas

Selena Gomez Becky GSelena Gomez traveled to Las Vegas Saturday night to join Jennifer Lopez in a celebration of her record-breaking Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood’s Zappos Theater. With only four shows left on her 122-night run, JLo decided to invite many of her favorite female celeb friends to enjoy the night with her.

JLo’s invitees including Selena Gomez, Becky G, Dua Lipa, Sofia Vergara, Jessica Alba and Continue Reading →

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“I’m Sounding a Little Crazy But” … Selena Gomez Has a Weird Night on Social Media But the Reason Eventually Comes Out

Selena Gomez LivestreamSelena Gomez had a bit of an unusual evening on Instagram Live Stream and Instagram Stories last night. First, she posted a video where she said she no longer wanted the dress that she wore in her “Back to You” video, so she took to social media to offer the dress to one of her fans.

Later – at around 1:30am her own time – Selena fired up Instagram Live Stream to go on a nearly hour-long, rambling Q&A with her fans. According to Selena, she was “up because I cannot sleep. And I was just thinking about how interesting social media was …”

Much of her chat was devoted to talking about her self-doubt, anxiety and depression. She spoke frequently about how random her thoughts were. But she also spent a fair amount of time talking about her new music and the A21 Project, the charity to which she has been devoting a lot of personal time lately.

Then at the end of her Live Stream, Selena shared a few thoughts that made the whole session seem a whole lot less random Continue Reading →


Selena Gomez Sings an Ashley Tisdale Throwback Song … But is She Hinting At Something More?

Selena Gomez Ashley TisdaleLast night, Selena posted a clip of herself on her Instagram stories lip syncing to Ashley Tisdale’s song “Be Good to Me” while driving her car. During the clip, Selena can be seen in a plunging halter top and sunglasses filter, mouthing the words to her friend’s old song. Just to emphasize the point, Selena tagged the clip “#THROWBACK @ASHLEYTISDALE.”

Today, media outlets have mostly focused on the throwback nature of the song (Ashley dropped the tune way back in 2006 as one of the singles from her debut album, Headstrong). Daily Mail referred to the track from the clip as “a bit of a #throwback of sorts” and mentioned the “friendly history” of Selena and Ashley when they were both young Disney stars (though of course on different series). Meanwhile, Billboard simply called the clip an “epic throwback.”

But we’re not so sure that this clip was only about the past. Continue Reading →


Selena Gomez’s Hair Defends the Rest of Her Body In Savage Clap-Back

Selena Gomez UglySelena Gomez may have let her hair do the talking last night — and probably showed that she has a very long, Taylor Swift-like memory for insults — when heading to dinner with friends in Manhattan. Selena wore what looked like a bedazzled barette in her hair with the letters “U-G-L-Y” and made sure to let some paparazzi get a few snaps before ducking into a restaurant.  Continue Reading →

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