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Kelly Clarkson Does a Little Selena Gomez this Time, Covers “The Heart Wants What It Wants”

KellyClarksonSelenaKelly Clarkson, like Miley Cyrus, can’t stop herself. That is, at least when it comes to doing covers. She granted another fan’s song request at a concert in Phoenix, Arizona earlier this week. This time, Kelly covered Selena Gomez’s “The Heart Wants What it Wants”.

“This is one of my favorites and I also love her too, she’s pretty sweet,” Kelly said about Selena before she started the song.

Watch the full video of Kelly’s latest cover below.

What do you think of Kelly’s version of the song?

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To Promote her New Album, Selena Gomez Offers Fans a Chance at a “Once in a Life Time” Event

Selena Gomez Teases Next SingleLooks like Selena Gomez is preparing something special for a few lucky fans. And she’s not afraid to hype the heck out of it, either.

Today, Selena tweeted a link to a video entitled “Teaser #1.”  The tweet read, “Something’s coming, #Selenators…. Stay tuned for more” along with the video link.

Selena Gomez Teases Next Single

Then Selena added three more clips leading viewers to a webpage that briefly describes a special “Revival”-related fan event that Selena will be hosting . On this webpage, fans can enter to win a chance to be invited to the “once-in-a-lifetime event,” which is scheduled for September 16th in Los Angeles.

The webpage also encourages fans to upload videos and photos to their Instagram or Twitter accounts along with the hashtag #REVIVALevent describing what the word ‘revival’ means to them. Selena will apparently be picking favorite fan submissions to feature at the event. 

You can check out Selena’s teaser clips below.

What do you think of this kind of promotion? Do you think it will create buzz for Selena’s new album, or be seen as more of a gimmick?

(Photo Credit: Selena Gomez’s Instagram account)

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Selena Gomez Performs “Good For You” for the First Time with Bestie Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Performs With Selena Gomez 1Selena Gomez joined bestie Taylor Swift on stage during Taylor’s “1989 Tour” last night at the Staples Center in LA. The two ladies performed Selena’s “Good For You” in front of the sold out crowd, which was also the first time that Selena has sung the hit song live in front of an arena.

Selena posted a TBT picture collage of herself and Taylor performing in 2011 and of them performing again last night.

tbt selena gomez

We have a couple of fan clips of Taylor and Selena singing “Good For You” below.

What did you think of the performance? Were you excited to see Taylor and Selena on stage together?

(Photo  Credit: Selena Gomez’s Instagram and Twitter accounts)

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Selena Gomez Posts Underwear Selfie

SelenaUnderwearSelfieIt looks like a purity ring isn’t the only thing Selena is willing to take off. After her Twitter rant last night about the media asking her questions as if she were still a 16 year old, the 23 year-old singer posted a mirror selfie sans pants – but with what appears to be some sexy cheetah print underwear – as two of her friends can be seen hanging out dressed in bathrobes behind her.

Selena captioned the photo simply, “morning.” It’s not clear if the picture was shot at a hotel bathroom or a spa, but either way Selena seems to be on a bit of a mission at the moment to prove she’s an adult now.

(Photo Credit: Selena Gomez Instagram account)


Selena Gomez Launches Twitter Rant Against the Media

Selena Gomez Wants You To Focus On Her Now, Not Her PastLast night, Selena had a minor rant on Twitter about the media and the way she’s portrayed in interviews. She went off about her interviews all sounding the same since she was sixteen. We’re guessing that maybe she’s generally referring to the amount of questions she’s asked about Justin Bieber.  Or, with the reference to the age of sixteen, is she more concerned about interviews that continue to ask about her relationship with Demi Lovato or even her memories of dating Nick Jonas?

Selena Gomez Wants You To Focus On Her Now, Not Her PastSelena said “I’m ready for people to know who I am NOW” when talking about her new album release.

Can you figure out what she’s actually trying to say? Do you think her rant might be a specific reaction to The Sunday Times article this week asking her about Nick Jonas and purity rings? Or is it just a sign of a former child star struggling to adopt a more mature image?

(Photo credit: Youtube and Selena Gomez’s Twitter account)


Selena Gomez Opens Up About Falling In Love With Justin Bieber And No Longer Wearing Her Purity Ring

Selena Opens Up About Ex Justin BieberIn an interview for yesterday’s issue of The Sunday Times, Selena Gomez opened up about her past relationship with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. The “Good For You” singer confirmed that she still keeps in contact with her ex, but has recently been more focused on her music rather than the once high-profile relationship.

Even though Selena’s relationship with the “Where Are U Now” singer was rocky, she says she doesn’t regret it. “I didn’t think I was doing anything bad by falling in love,” Selena admitted.

Selena also spoke about her prior relationship with Nick Jonas, and their decision to wear purity rings. Selena’s ring has since come off, but the singer says that she isn’t “embarrassed” about wearing the ring, or the fact she isn’t wearing it now.

Later in the interview, the singer took the time to gush about her BFF, Taylor Swift, who Selena described as one of the greatest people on earth and someone she can always count on. Selena recounts that when she broke up with her first boyfriend, Nick Jonas, Taylor flew to see her and eased the pain with a bunch of homemade cookies.

Do you think Selena’s finally over Justin?

(Photo Credit: Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s Twitter and Instagram account)