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Selena Gomez Drags Her Cheating Ex-Boyfriend Justin Bieber ‘My Dream Is To Have A Faithful And Honest Boyfriend’

justin-bieber-selena-gomez-jelena (1)Selena Gomez told Alli Simpson about Zedd: ‘He’s this cute little German, and he’s got really beautiful eyes, and he’s very sweet and funny. I respect his vision because he has a way of knowing how important his role is as an EDM artist,

And he doesn’t spend most of his time travelling the word DJing. He really spent so much time on this record. He wanted everything, from the lyrical content, to who sang it, and how they sang it. He’s great, and very talented.

On what she wants in a boyfriend: ‘Honesty, of course trust, being faithful, making me laugh, those are all the dream right? It will happen. I don’t want to force anything. Just somebody you can enjoy living life with.’
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Selena Gomez Exposes Her Large Boobs And Healthy Glow At Yellowtail After Fight With Kendall & Kylie Jenner Confirmed

selena-bustselena-fightSelena shows off healthy body at Yellowtail restaurant in LA. It has been confirmed by Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s TV promo that Kylie and Kendall had a fight with Selena after they posted drunk pictures of her on Instagram. Selena looks happy in this picture hopefully she is okay.