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Selena Gomez Follows Bitty Instagram

selena-follow-bieber (122)selena-follow-bieber (62)Selena Gomez has started following Justin Bieber on Instagram after. Bitty has recently posted many attractive pictures on social media of his mustache so it’s not surprise how Selly is falling deeply in love with him!

NOTE: Pix of Bieber showing off his ass crack riding a back HERE!

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Selena Gomez ‘I Still Want To Sing In 10 Years’ But She’s Tearing Through Her $16 Million Fortune At Breakneck Speed With Bieber

tumblr_mzilj9wEl81t2tmz6o1_500Selena Gomez, who checked into rehab for two weeks in January, confirmed why she went and that she hopes to continue sharing her beautiful voice 10 years from now with the blessed world. Sel spilled to Bravo:

‘My health is the most important thing! I still want to be able to do the thing I love in ten years’ time. And I want to leave a good, lasting impression. Before the year is out you’ll be hearing new music from me.’ Do YOU think Selena will still be popular in the next ten years or be a flop?

Source told Life & Style that family is ‘really worried’ Selena because she’s ‘tearing into her estimated $16 million fortune at breakneck speed. She isn’t earning any major money at the moment, and has zero projects lined up.’ She refuses to fly commercial and will only take private jets, which costs up to $20k an hour.