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Selena Gomez Face Bloats Up Big While Swimming In A Form Fitting Black Bathing Suit In Mexico

selena-face-bloat (54)jnknkSelena bloated in a black bathing suit in Mexico. More pix HERE!


Miley Gets Drunk And Instagrams Areola And Nipple Pictures After It’s Rumored That Selena Had Sex With Liam Hemsworth Also

miley-drunk-nipple (5)miley-drunk-nipple (2)Miley gets drunk and Instagrams areola and nipple pictures with friends after it’s rumored that Selena Gomez had sex with Miley’s ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth. It is likely the reason why Miley has been bashing Selena for the past two years and has become obsessed with her.

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