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Selena Gomez Versus Composer Instagram Fight Settled, Selena’s New Song ‘GO’ Will Be Released On His Soundcloud

Selena Gomez stars in Adidas NEO line collection **USA ONLY**InstagramOthers14560LOL FOREVER! Composer has clarified that Selena Gomez’s new song ‘GO’ that produced for her will not be her next single or on her CD, it will just be released on his SoundCloud as his ‘future project’. Selena had a panic attack yesterday commenting on his Instagram account ‘WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS‘, and also commenting on numerous fan accounts to stop the rumor.

Do YOU think Selena is okay? :(


Selena Gomez Anti-Suicide Message To Fan ‘Please. Before You Think Of Taking Your Life, Think Of All The Lives You Could Save’

selena-adidas-neo-booty (18)grammargrammar-2Selena Gomez is against suicide and has helped a fan considering suicide: ‘By me following you is not me saying it’s ok to think these thoughts. It’s not me saying ‘hey you said sad things, so I’m going to follow you to make you feel better’. God puts us in situations that are so unexplainably difficult for a reason. There is someone in the world feeling so much, just like you.

People everyday feel so many emotions they wish they could turn it off. But that’s not why we are here. We are here for relationships, for people just like us who feel worthless. Your purpose is to share, help, encourage.

Remember that. Please. Before you think of taking your life, think of all the [lives] you could save. I love you. More importantly there is a God that will love more than I ever could.’


Selena Gomez Loses Her Sh*t When Producer Composer Releases Pictures & Information About Her Music ‘Why Would You Do That’

selena-composer (1)selena-composer (3)Composer producer posted two new photos with Selena Gomez revealing that a song created by them together would be released next March. Seconds after the picture and information were released, Selena angrily commented ‘THIS IS NOT REAL, Why would youdo that.’ Selena also commented on various fan accounts on the picture of her and Composer: ‘THIS IS NOT REAL, HE WAS NOT ALLOWED TO RELEASE ANYTHING’.