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He’s Alive! Shia LaBeouf Emerges From Self-Imposed Exile In Finland

Shia LaBeouf Emerges From Self-Imposed Exile In Finland featureShia LaBeouf and his artistic collaborators are at it again. The trio of Shia, Luke Turner and Nastja Säde Rönkkö spent a month in a remote cabin in Finland for their new project “#AloneTogether.”

While they were there, a live link to a museum in the Finnish capital city, Helsinki, gave museum patrons a chance to ask questions and interact with the secluded artists. A new interview from the museum gives the artists a chance to remember their best and worst moments from their time there.

“Some people would come in there like, ‘Show me the art,'” an intense Shia complained in the interview. “They didn’t realize they were a part of it. They were looking at it objectively instead of being involved.”

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Shia LaBeouf Blames Racist Arrest Comments On His Addiction

Shia LaBeouf Apologizes, Blames Racist Comments On His Addiction featureShia LaBeouf was arrested for disorderly conduct and public drunkenness in Savannah, Georgia over the weekend. Bodycam footage from the officers who made the arrest surfaced, documenting the profanity-laced tirade Shia went on after he was cuffed and detained in the back of a police cruiser. The actor threatened and belittled the cops who arrested him.

Two more videos from his arrest surfaced late on Wednesday. In one, Shia is getting booked when he tells an African American cop that he’s “going to hell” because he’s a Black man. The comments have been called racist by many, including Piers Morgan, Donald Trump, Jr. and others eager to attack him for protesting President Donald Trump. Shia has now apologized on Twitter for his drunken remarks.

“I am deeply ashamed of my of my behavior and make no excuses for it,” he wrote in a statement. “The severity of my behavior is not lost on me.” Shia went on to call the incident a “new low” for him personally.

“A low I hope is a bottom,” he continued. “I have been struggling with addiction publicly for far too long, and I am actively taking steps toward securing my sobriety and hope I can be forgiven for my mistakes.”

Another video of Shia taunting a white officer by claiming the cop’s wife loves “Black dick” was posted by TMZ, as well. The intensely uncomfortable interaction was documented on police station security cameras that were obtained by the gossip site.

Watch Shia taunt a white cop and read his entire apology below.

(Photo credit: Shia LaBeouf Instagram account)

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