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Shia LaBeouf Gets A Rug Then Laughs At The Paparazzi

Shia LaBeouf Leaves A Studio In WehoActor Shia LaBeouf stopped by The Rug Company in West Hollywood and had some choice words for the paparazzi. Dressed like a suburban dad, Shia was all smiles leaving the rug store, even when he said “this is stupid as f**k” after a cameraman asked him to say something.

See more photos and video of Shia below.

(Photo credit: Eagle Eye/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES)

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Shia LaBeouf Watched All Of His Own Movies And Couldn’t Help Snoozing

Shia-Lebouf-Watches-All-His-MoviesShia LaBeouf wrapped up his live movie marathon yesterday. The actor, who sometimes moonlights as a performance artist, decided to livestream himself watching all 29 of his films, in reverse chronological order, for an art project called #ALLMYMOVIES.

Shia teamed up once again with artists Luke Turner and Nastja Säde Rönkkö for this collaboration.  The trio have worked together on several projects, including 2014’s #IAMSORRY where Shia sat in a room with a paper bag lettered “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE” over his head, letting complete strangers do or say anything they wanted to him.

The #ALLMY MOVIES marathon kicked off on Tuesday afternoon with “Man Down,” at the Angelika Film Center in New York, and finished late last night with Shia’s first film “Nausicaa Of the Valley of the Wind.” Admission into the theater was free and people could stay to watch as long as they wanted with the actor. Fans waited in line for hours for seats to open up with one quoted as saying he was just there because “I want to be close to the crazy.”

The New York press caught Shia snoozing at times through his own films, but most especially during “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” where Shia decided to avoid all pretense and simply took a two hour nap in middle of one of the Angelika’s aisles.  Fans reportedly had to step over the star to get out of the movie theater until he later woke and returned to a seat.

Throughout the event, Shia was very welcoming of interactions with fans. However, a number of fans commented that Shia seemed very tired or unfocused during those interactions.

See fan pics of Shia’s reactions to his movies below, as well as a video of him greeting fans after the event.

What do you think of Shia’s movie project?

(Photo credits: HolisticComedy Twitter accounts)

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Shia LaBeouf Seems to Be Backsliding Again, Gets Arrested in Austin, Texas

Shia Labeouf Arrested Public IntoxicationJust a month ago, actor Shia LaBeouf showed signs of making some positive changes in his life. He was working with a supportive crew and cast on the movie “Man Down” and reportedly had started hitting the gym, eating clean and pursuing a new relationship with actress Sasha Lane.

Unfortunately, the news this weekend suggests that Shia may be struggling with his old demons all over again. TMZ reports that late last week, Shia was arrested for public intoxication on 6th Street in Austin, Texas. According to TMZ, Shia tried to enter a club with an unidentified woman, and when he was not allowed access allegedly due to his level of intoxication, the actor caused a scene that led eventually to the police intervening.

Earlier today, Access Hollywood reported that Shia had posted his own bail and was no longer in custody.

Below we have footage from a local television news report posted last night that provides more details, shows Shia being handcuffed and reports some eyewitness quotes.

(Photo credit: Travis County Sheriff’s Department)

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A Calm and Lucid Shia LaBeouf Makes Surprise Trip to Venice Film Festival

Shia LaBeouf VeniceA newly clean-shaven Shia LaBeouf made a surprise visit to Italy yesterday to participate in interviews to support his last film, “Man Down,” at the Venice Film Festival. Shia described his involvement in the project as an attempt by his friend, director Dito Montiel, to offer him a chance to work his way out of a “low” place.

“He came to my house when I was in a really low place and offered it to me like therapy, like ‘here’s a healing process so we can jump into together and get well,'” Shia told reporters in Venice.

Rumors are that the crew on the film went out of its way to shield Shia from the press, and that Shia avoided alcohol and stuck to a healthy personal regimen throughout out the filming.

Shia attended all cast events at the festival to support the film, including press interviews, black tie events, and even meets-and-greets with fans. Throughout, the actor seemed unusually calm, focused and positive.

Another theme for Shia during his media interviews was talking about his desire in the future to only work with “friends.” The former “Transformers” star stated that he was no longer interested in chasing the biggest films, most cutting edge projects, top directors or top costars, indicating, that he’d rather work on roles that didn’t require as much personal sacrifice, extreme shoots or financial risk as those that he actively pursued in the past.

Hopefully Shia has found his way to health and is back on a good path.

We have video from one of Shia’s press interviews below.

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No Rattail, No Mullet, No Scraggly Beard: Is Shia LaBeouf Looking for a Clean Start?

Shia LaBeouf Rocking A Bald Head In Los AngelesShia LaBeouf was spotted in Los Angeles yesterday sporting a startling new look. The previously troubled star of the “Transformers” series was seen bald and completely clean shaven as he went for a walk near his home.

After a period of hiding from the press followed by a very public argument with former flame Mia Goth in Europe, Shia appears now to be spending his time in Southern California trying to get his life together. He has started to be seen regularly in public going to the gym, eating at organic food restaurants, and spending time with a rumored new girlfriend, actress Sasha Lane.

Maybe the look just relates to Shia’s new role in the upcoming movie “American Honey.”  Or maybe the new look is a sign that Shia’s aiming to make a clean start on a new chapter in his life . . .

We have more pics of Shia in the gallery below.

Shia LaBeouf Rocking A Bald Head In Los Angeles


Shia LaBeouf Has Lunch with Mystery Woman

ShiaLaBeoufMysteryWomanCoverPhotoA bearded Shia LaBeouf was spotted having lunch with a mystery woman at Sweet Butter restaurant in Studio City, California on Tuesday, August 11th. Spotting Shia at all in public is a rare enough event these days, as the star has become more and more reclusive, particularly when staying in the U.S. The former Disney star was seen sporting a scruffy beard but without his “rattail,” wearing brown shorts, a blue t-shirt, orange socks, sneakers, and a baseball cap.

Shia and the mystery woman ate lunch and stopped for some frozen yogurt at Menchie’s. When walking, the couple did not hold hands but did walk very closely together, seemingly very comfortable with arms and shoulders often touching.

In a recent video, Shia and his girlfriend Mia Goth were seen having a verbal argument outside of a taxi cab in Europe. Shia was later recorded saying that he would have killed Mia if he didn’t leave the situation.

See more photos of the seeming “lunch date” below.

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