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At Least Ariana Grande Knows At Least One Person Is Still Listening To “Side To Side”

Zedd is loving Ariana Grande's song-2Ariana Grande’s may have dropped a spot on Billboard’s “Hot 100″ chart, but that doesn’t mean “Side to Side” isn’t a hit is some people’s eyes. Zedd took to Twitter on Tuesday to express just how much he loves Ariana’s duet with Nicki Minaj.

Zedd and Ariana previously collaborated with one another back in 2014 when they released “Break Free” off of the “My Everything” album. Unlike “Side to Side’s” number 31 debut, the 2014 single had a much better chart run peaking at number four.

See just how Zedd feels about “Side to Side” below.

(Photo credits: styleandsociety and Zedd Twitter accounts)

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Did Ariana Grande Steal Her “Side To Side” Video Treatment From A UK Singer?

Did Ariana steal her side to side music videoAriana Grande’s third single “Side To Side” has finally reached the top 10 on Billboard’s “Hot 100″ and the singer is now being called out for theft. According to Perez Hilton, UK singer Lemon is accusing Ariana of jacking her exercise bike concept from her 2015 “Freak” video.

Other than both singers doing a session of SoulCycle for their videos, there’s really no other similarities between “Side To Side” and “Freak.” However, Lemon still feels that she was the first to come up with the idea. “In my classes I used to create choreography on the bike. I realized this had never been done before in a music video so I wanted to be the first to create it,” she tells Perez.

Watch both music videos below.

Do you think Ariana stole Lemon’s exercise bike idea?

(Photo credit: YouTube)

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Wait…Why Is Ariana Grande Really Walking From “Side To Side?”

Ariana Grande song meaning-2After watching Ariana Grande’s VMA performance and music video for “Side to Side,” it may have looked like the third single from “Dangerous Woman” was inspiring fans to exercise. However, actress Lena Dunham has just discovered the true meaning behind Ariana Grande’s song and she may never be the same.

Ariana didn’t confirm Lena’s thoughts on the meaning, but by using emojis the singer didn’t deny Lena’s interpretation either.
Ariana Grande song meaning-3Find out what Ariana meant by “Side to Side” below.

(Photo credits: Billboard and Lena Dunham Twitter accounts)

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Ariana Grande Is Still Letting Fans Hear “Dangerous Woman” Before It’s Released

Ariana Grande new song releaseWith less than a week until the release of Ariana Grande’s album “Dangerous Woman,” the singer has made another song available for streaming.

Right before Ariana hit the stage at 102.7 KIIS FM’s Wango Tango, she announced that her collaboration with Nicki Minaj “Side To Side” was out exclusively on Apple Music. Ariana has given fans the chance to her “Greedy” and is planning on releasing a new song everyday until her album is released.

Listen to “Side to Side” below.

Is Ariana’s new music getting you excited for her album?

(Photo credit: arianagrandeupdatesx Instagram account)

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