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Katy Perry Burns Down The White House At The GRAMMYs

Katy Perry Tears Breaks Down Some Fences On-Stage At The GRAMMYs featureKaty Perry got a special intro from Taylor Swift’s pal’s Little Big Town for the 2017 GRAMMYs. The subtle olive branch was the perfect tone-setter for Katy’s new single “Chained to the Rhythm,” which is a low-key political anthem.

Katy’s political side-eye carried through her performance, as she and Skip Marley performed the new single around a white house surrounded by a fence. After the house and fence get torn down, Katy and Skip joined hands in front of a projection of the U.S. Constitution.

Watch Katy’s statement below.

(Photo credit: Recording Academy Instagram account)

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Katy Perry Is “Chained To The Rhythm” On Latest Release

Katy Perry Is Chained To The Rhythm With A Hamster And Bob Marley's Grandson featureFans no longer need to find a disco ball to hear Katy Perry’s new single. Katy has released a lyric video for “Chained to the Rhythm,” a dance anthem with some political undertones. The lyric video stars a hamster in a miniature house complete with a fully functional kitchen. It also features Skip Marley, grandson of legendary reggae artist Bob Marley.

The song has a pop sound layered over a disco-infused dance hall beat. The lyrics could work in a club or at a protest. With lines like “We think we’re free” and “So comfortable, we’re living in a bubble,” the track is a subtle nod towards Katy’s own call for artists to get back to work after many were disappointed by recent political outcomes.

See the lyric video for the new track and tweets from Katy and Skip celebrating the release below.

(Photo credit: Katy Perry Instagram account)

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