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Nick Jonas Cigar Smoking Hot Secret

miley-nick-smoking (13)miley-nick-smoking (533)Nick Jonas looked hot smoking his cigar a secret performance. According to Galore Mag: He sang ‘Chains’ and ‘Numb’ cowritten with Mike Posner. There was a guest performance by up and coming Swedish singer Tove Lo too.

‘With somewhat of a Justin Timberlake vibe, strong bass lines and an emphasis on captivating vocals, the future looks very bright for this former JoBro‘. Photos by Angelo Kritikos.

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Zac Efron Smoking A Joint On Movie Set

FZac Efron filming scenes on the set of ‘We Are Your Friends’ in Los Angeles, California on August 21, 2014. Zac was seen smoking a joint during the scene. Zac has quickly gotten back to work after breaking up with Michelle Rodriguez after their summer romance.

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Nick Jonas And Olivia Culpo Now ‘Are As Comfortable As Ever.. Nick Was Smoking A Cigar And Drinking Coors Lights’

BKB Celebrity Red CarpetIntimate details of Joe Jonas and Olivia Culpo have bee revealed by People while at Encore Beach Club on Saturday at the Wynn is Las Vegas: ‘Nick and Olivia walked into the pool hand in hand, and from the way they acted, it seemed like they were as comfortable as ever.

They weren’t overly showy, but they definitely seemed happy.’ Alex Pettyfer showed up and Nick introduced lovely Livia as his girlfriend: ‘Nick was smoking a cigar and drinking a Coors Light while he rested his hand on her leg. They gave each other a few pecks throughout the day, too.’

Following the day at the pool they went to Big Knockout Boxing at Mandalay Bay. Nolivia kissed while watching men hurl wild punches at each other in a small, circular pit. Later they hit XS Nightclub for Joe’s champagne birthday:

Nick was the life of the party, dancing on the couch and making sure his brother was having a great time before breaking away to demonstrate his affection for Olivia, sneaking kisses and sweet exchanges in between photo ops with friends.’

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