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Demi Lovato Skips Out On A Night Of Knitting For The Billboard Hot 100 Fest

Demi Lovato Skips A Night Of Netflix And Knit For The Billboard Hot 100 Fest featureDemi Lovato may love a quiet night in watching Netflix and knitting, but she’ll apparently take a break from her idea of a good time in order to go to work. That’s exactly what happened on Saturday evening.

Demi performed at the Billboard Hot 100 Fest. The singer brought some of her throwback hits, like “Confident” and “Cool For The Summer,” alongside her latest single “Sorry Not Sorry.”

Demi still found some time for her knitting needles on Saturday, though. The singer took to Instagram to share a look at her knitting bliss face.

Check out Demi’s performances–and her joy–below.

(Photo credit: Demi Lovato Instagram account)

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Rain Doesn’t Keep Demi Lovato Away From Pulling Off A “GMA” Trifecta

The Rain Doesn't Keep Demi Lovato Away From A GMA TrifectaDemi Lovato performed on Friday morning’s episode of “Good Morning America.” As part of the show’s summer concert series, Demi pulled out three of her latest hits and brought some musical guests to help her through it. Jax Jones and Cheat Codes made their way to the stage for “Instruction” and “No Promises,” respectively.

Demi performed her own anthem “Sorry Not Sorry” in between the two collaborations. The entire set could’ve been washed away with a nasty rainstorm, but she powered through just as her Lovatics did.

Check out the performances below.

(Photo credit: Twargophoto Instagram account)

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Demi Lovato’s “Sorry Not Sorry” Music Video Combines Quasi-Celebrities With Unnecessary Product Placement

Demi Lovato Drops Sorry Not Sorry videoDemi Lovato has finally released her “Sorry Not Sorry” music video after excessive teasing. Featuring cameos by Paris Hilton, Wiz Khalifa and Jamie Foxx, Demi threw her biggest house party yet. Surprisingly, her biggest cheerleader, Nick Jonas, did not RSVP to it.

From JBL to Lyft, it seems like all of Demi’s endorsement deals made an appearances as she partied beside some of her closest friends. House parties have been the promotional theme for Demi and her single, but we doubt her party with Billy Ray Cyrus included all of these random make-outs.

Watch Demi’s “Sorry Not Sorry” video below.

(Photo credit: Vevo)

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Nick Jonas Is Still Nothing More Than Demi Lovato’s Afterthought

Nick Jonas Is Still Nothing More Than Demi Lovato's AfterthoughtDemi Lovato’s “Sorry Not Sorry” house party tour continued Friday night in Las Vegas. This time, the singer was joined by her pal Nick Jonas, who had the immense honor of introducing her performance. His job, despite flying out just to support one of his closest friends, ended there.

Nick watched her show from the audience. When it was time for Demi to acknowledge his presence, she almost couldn’t be bothered.

“Thank you Nick,” Demi calls out from the stage, unable to locate her friend in the crowd. “Wherever Nick is, thank you.”

Demi made up for it by including Nick in the group photo–by including, we do mean allowing him to crouch in the front like a forgotten middle child running to join in on a family portrait at a Christmas party.

Check out that photo and a few videos below.

(Photo credits: wannatestify and OurGirlDemetria Twitter accounts, Demi Lovato Instagram account)

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Demi Lovato Reveals The Direction Of Her Upcoming Album In “Sorry Not Sorry” Q&A

Demi Lovato answers questions about new musicDemi Lovato was feeling in an extra social mood on Thursday when she held a Twitter Q&A. The singer answered fan questions about her new single “Sorry Not Sorry” as well as her upcoming album.

Besides answering questions promoting the single, Demi has also been having house parties that she admits have “exceeded her expectations.” About the album, Demi revealed that fans can expect “more soul on the vocals.” Lovatics can also be prepared for Demi to go a more Ariana Grande route with an R&B/Pop album.

Watch more of Demi’s answers to the “Sorry Not Sorry” Q&A below.

(Photo credit: Demi Lovato Instagram account)

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Demi Lovato Invites A Member Of The Cyrus Family To Her Latest “Sorry Not Sorry” House Party

Demi Lovato Invites A Cyrus To Her Latest Sorry Not Sorry House Party, But Don't Get Excited--It's Only Billy Ray featureDemi Lovato has her fans drooling over the thought of a Miley Cyrus reunion after spending Thursday night in Nashville with a member of Miley’s family. Demi was in Nashville for another “Sorry Not Sorry” house party following the release of her new single. Instead of bringing a professional football player, Demi invited a musician to be her special guest for the event. Her old pal’s dad Billy Ray Cyrus came out for the party.

Demi performed her new single again and hung out with tons of Nashville fans. Then, she and Billy Ray teamed up to perform a duet version of his classic hit “Achey Breaky Heart” while Billy played along on guitar. Demi apparently still gets along well with Billy Ray, even if things are still strained with Miley.

Demi has been making it seem like she wouldn’t mind being friends with Miley again, but maybe Billy Ray is a more natural friendship for her. Miley may want all of pop music’s country cred for herself, but Demi got along famously with Brad Paisley when they were hanging out.

Check out pics and video from Demi’s latest house party with Billy Ray below.

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