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Kristen Stewart Looks Like A Butch Dream While Out With Stella Maxwell

Kristen Stewart is a butch dream in LAKristen Stewart looked like a California fuckboy while driving girlfriend Stella Maxwell around. The couple was spotted outside of a Los Angeles spa with the actress dressed in a wife beater, baseball cap and a pair of shades.

Kristen was the dutiful girlfriend and waited for Stella outside of the building, but that just gave her time to insult the awaiting paparazzi. Although the audio can’t be heard, the actress is seen calling the cameraman a “piece of shit” and a “cunt.”

Watch the video of the couple below.

(Photo credit: YouTube)

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Miley Cyrus Is Still Using Former President Barack Obama To Promote Her Album

Miley Cyrus Gets Some Album Promo With Another Barack Obama Photoshop featureMiley Cyrus loves former president Barack Obama and she’s not above fantasizing about spending a little quality time with him. She’s not even above using the 44th President of the United States to promote her new album.

The days are ticking away until “Younger Now” drops. Miley has been going hard with the nostalgia aesthetic from the album’s title track on Instagram, where all of her most recent posts feature cartoonish circles with fan art inside.

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Miley Cyrus And Kristen Stewart Join The List Of Nude Celeb Leaks; Is Stella Maxwell To Blame?

Kristen Stewart and Miley Cyrus nude leak victims-5Miley Cyrus could be lawyering up real soon to take down a celebrity exposure site that recently posted her private photos. The nude leak occurred on Monday and featured the singer topless and ex-girlfriend Stella Maxwell lying in bed together.

According to TMZ, Kristen Stewart and current girlfriend Stella have started taking legal action against several websites who have posted the illegally hacked photos. The Victoria’s Secret model’s naked image wasn’t just featured in Miley’s hacked photos, it was also seen posing in a bathroom with a naked Kristen standing behind her.

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