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Lauren Jauregui And Steve Aoki’s Collaboration Is Full Of “Studio Shenanigans”

Lauren Jauregui and Steve Aoki get crazyIt’s no secret that Lauren Jauregui has been in the studio working with Steve Aoki and the duo let fans see what they’ve been up to all of this time. Teasing one of his unreleased songs, Steve and Lauren recorded some of their “studio shenanigans” as they continued to work on a track for the DJ’s upcoming album “Kolony.”

Now that the singer is back in the States after wrapping up the Asian leg of the “7/27 Tour,” hopefully fans can expect to hear the collaboration originally announced in February.

See what the two artists have been doing in the studio below.

(Photo credit: Steve Aoki Instagram account)

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Louis Tomlinson And Steve Aoki Join Forces At Ultra Music Festival

Louis Tomlinson And Steve Aoki Perform At Ultra Music FestivalLouis Tomlinson had the time of his life at Ultra Music Festival and it’s all thanks to Steve Aoki. The two teamed up for a performance of their hit single “Just Hold On,” which Louis described as being “fucking sick” in a string of tweets. He also credited all of the song’s success and his ability to perform at such an event completely to his fans.

Louis Tomlinson Performs At UltraThe celebration continued backstage after Steve surprised Louis with the Canadian platinum certification of their track. To make the performance even more special, it fell on the same day as the birthday of Louis’ late mother. The singer penned a short birthday wish a few hours before the festival slot.

Louis Tomlinson Wishes His Mom A Happy BirthdayThe song, written in her honor, received an incredibly moving debut hours after her passing. Louis and Steve lit up the stage of “America’s Got Talent” with a performance that nearly brought Simon Cowell to tears.

Check out Louis and Steve’s latest performance as well as the platinum surprise below.

(Photo credits: 1DHaLiNiLo_, Gbboybs, LarentsParadise and Louis Tomlinson Twitter accounts)

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Steve Aoki Releases The Visual For “Just Hold On,” But Where’s Louis Tomlinson?

Steve Aoki and Louis Tomlinson new music videoSteve Aoki has released the music video for his song with Louis Tomlinson “Just Hold On.” Unfortunately, for the Directioners looking forward to seeing Louis in the video they will be disappointed to learn the singer does not make an appearance.

The video features two young adults who meet at a bust stop in London before they decide to explore the city together. The two then time travel to places like Las Vegas and Kuwait all while falling in love and getting married.

Louis has been having a tough week after recently getting arrested for an altercation with the paparazzi. Prior to that arrest, Steve and Louis were making multiple televised appearances together so the One Direction singer not being in the video is confusing.

Watch the music video below.

(Photo credit: YouTube)

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Lauren Jauregui’s Solo Career Is Moving Up To The Big Leagues

Lauren Jauregui and Steve Aoki collaborating-3Lauren Jauregui put her focus less on shading Camila Cabello and back on her part-time solo career by revealing her alleged collaboration with Steve Aoki. Soon after shaming the media for reporting on a subtweet that she wrote, the singer shared a photo of herself and Steve hanging out in the studio along with caption “so excited.”

Steve shared his own photo of the twosome with an in-photo caption that read, “Big Things Coming.” This will be the second artist that the DJ has worked with from “The X Factor” family after releasing “Just Hold On” with Louis Tomlinson.

Take a look at Lauren and Steve’s posts below.

(Photo credits: Lauren Jauregui Instagram and Twitter accounts)

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Louis Tomlinson And Steve Aoki’s Collaboration Proves Sliding Into The DMs Can Work

Louis Tomlinson appears on late late showLouis Tomlinson appeared on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” on Monday night to perform his solo single “Just Hold On.” The singer revealed how his collaboration with Steve Aoki came about, and, surprisingly, it all happened because Louis slid in the DJ’s Twitter DMs.

“I was on holiday with my friends, actually, a lads’ trip in Vegas living the dream and we went to watch one of Steve’s shows,” the singer said. “After the night out, maybe a little bit tipsy, I sent Steve a message saying we should work together.”

Watch the brief interview and performance below.

(Photo credit: Louis Tomlinson Instagram account)

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What Kind Of “Bad Things” Are Camila Cabello And Steve Aoki Up To?

What Kind Of Bad Things Are Camila Cabello And Steve Aoki Up To? featureSteve Aoki has fans hoping for something new thanks to his latest Instagram post. A pic of Steve with Camila Cabello, simply captioned “Bad Things,” appeared on his account. The post sparked hopes that Steve will release a remix of Camila’s collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly, if not an entirely new song with the ex-Fifth Harmony singer. Either prospect seems to excite fans.

What Kind Of Bad Things Are Camila Cabello And Steve Aoki Up To? fan tweetCamila’s been totally silent about Steve’s post so far, only adding to the intrigue about why she and Steve were pictured together. Steve is coming off of his own high-profile collaboration with One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson. Their song, “Just Hold On,” helped Louis find his artistry again after the death of his mother.

See the photo below.

(Photo credits: Camila Cabello and Steve Aoki Instagram accounts)

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