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Zayn Malik Opens His London Home For X-Rated “Still Got Time” Music Video

Zayn Malik Throws Wild House Party In Still Got Time Music VideoZayn Malik and PARTYNEXTDOOR threw one hell of a party for the music video to go along with their recent dancehall collaboration “Still Got Time.” In April, Zayn opened his London home up to anyone and everyone for an epic bash that included—but was not limited to—drugs, naked women and strangers getting lucky in his shower.

“I was asleep in L.A. when I got a call from Luti Media and Zayn’s management at 7 a.m.,” the music video’s director Calmatic said in a statement. “They told me to hop on the next flight to London. It was my first time in London so I didn’t know what to expect. When I got there we met at his crib and he said he wanted to throw the wildest house party imaginable. So we invited everyone we knew and let the cameras roll. The rest is history.”

The “rest” that Calmatic speaks of could be in reference to almost grainy scene from the video. A clip of a tattoo artist, in the middle of the party, showed the creation story of Zayn’s recent “SGT” ink. After the long night of booze, smoking, tattoos and strangers, the video closed out with Zayn taking inventory of the aftermath…with a monkey on his shoulder.

Check out the full video below.

(Photo credit: Youtube)

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What Does Zayn Malik’s Mysterious New Tattoo Actually Mean?

Zayn Malik Got A New Tattoo For His Latest Single featureApparently, Zayn Malik wanted to immortalize his latest single. The singer’s track, “Still Got Time” featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR, has been added to one of his tattoo sleeves in the form of the track’s initials and a date.

The simple tattoo is in a classic font. The letters “SGT” are nestled in among several of Zayn’s other tattoos on his left arm. While the initials were an easy part of that tattoo to figure out, a date beneath the lettering is raising lots of questions.

The numbers “2 4 17″ are under “SGT.” It has fans asking what happened on February 4 of this year. The answer is nothing terribly public. Many think the date could be a significant one for Zayn and his girlfriend Gigi Hadid. Zayn’s had tattoos for his girlfriends in the past, but some of those have disappeared.

Others think the tattoo of a date is actually written in the standard British notation, with the number of the day coming before the number of the month. That would mean that the tattoo was for April 2–this past Sunday. That seems like it would mark the day Zayn got the tattoo.

See Zayn’s fresh ink below.

What do you think the date means?

(Photo credit: Zayn Malik Instagram account)

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Zayn Malik Releases New Single “Still Got Time;” But He Probably Won’t Promote It

Zayn releases new single with PNDThe Z2 era has begun for Zayn Malik and the singer has released the first single to get fans ready for his sophomore album. On Thursday night, Zayn dropped “Still Got Time,” his dancehall collaboration with PARTYNEXTDOOR which sounds like it didn’t quite make the cut on any of Drake or Justin Bieber’s albums.

Now that Zayn has revealed that he is no longer suffering from anxiety, hopefully fans can expect to see him actually perform his new music–unlike his promotional approach with “Mind of Mine.”

Listen to “Still Got Time” below.

What do you think of Zayn’s newest single?

(Photo credit: Zayn Twitter account)

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Zayn Malik Teases New Single With PARTYNEXTDOOR, “Still Got Time”

Zayn releasing now songZayn Mailk is getting ready for his sophomore album with a new solo single after releasing his debut album “Mind of Mine” in March of last year. The singer teased his new single, “Still Got Time,” on Tuesday with a feature from Canadian singer and Kylie Jenner’s ex PARTYNEXTDOOR.

The singer shared the cover art via social media before giving fans a short snippet of the track’s intro. Like most of PND’s songs, “Still Got Time” has a heavy dancehall sound and will be following the current music trend Drake now swears by.

Listen to the short teaser below.

(Photo credit: Zayn Instagram account)

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