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If You Haven’t Had Enough Of Zayn Malik’s Man Bun Yet, You’re In Luck

Haven't Head Enough Of Zayn Malik's Man Bun Yet? featureFans of Zayn Malik’s recent hair change are in luck. More pictures of Zayn’s über bohemian man bun have been shared by Zayn and the Sunday Times Style, the publication running the photos as part of an editorial.

Photoshopping Zayn’s face onto the hottest local hipster’s bod won’t be necessary yet. The latest pics feature Zayn in a stylish military jacket, an oversized winter coat with some interesting patterns and some classic plaid looks.

Surprisingly, Gigi Hadid hasn’t commented on Zayn’s look yet. Normally, the model is all about seeing her man in print.

Check out more images from Zayn and the cover of his Sunday Time Style issue below.

(Photo credit: Zayn Malik Instagram account)

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