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Is Bella Thorne Turning Into A Crazy Cat Lady?

bella thorne new tattoos kitty cat whiskers heart featureBella Thorne is back in another tattoo shop. In posts on her Snapchat last night, the “Ratchet And Clank” actress shared two tiny tats she just got.

One is a simple outline of a heart on her palm. Bella’s friend Tonya Brewer got a matching heart in the same spot on her hand. Bella also got a finger tattoo of a cat nose with whiskers. She posted a photo and a video of the feline artwork on social media.

Check out photos and video of Bella’s fresh ink below.

Do you think Bella’s next tat will be more interesting?

(Photo credit: BellaThorne and nastyaschenny20 Twitter accounts, TheTonyaBrewer Instagram account)

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