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Taylor Caniff ‘Never Understood Why Nash Grier Unfollowed Me On Instagram.. Only Answer I Got Is Shade Cat’

taylor-nash-shirtless (1)taylor-caniffffnash-grier-unfollowTwo Internet Vine Kings are possibly feuding! Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber aren’t the only people who follow and unfollow each other on Instagram. Taylor Caniff directly Tweeted Nash Grier to ask why he unfollowed him on Instagram, then when asked by his fans why, he responded: ‘only answer I got is shade cat’. Nash has been hanging out with most popular tween in the world Justin Bieber, so hopefully fame and being friends with Bitty hasn’t given him a big ego!

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Taylor Swift World’s Most Charitable

charitycharity-2Taylor Swift is Most Charitable Star In The World using her power for social change to top DoSomething.org’s Celebs Gone Good list. She moved to New York, had a feminist awakening, dropped her country roots, released the pop album 1989, and donated all proceeds from the sale of her single ‘Welcome to New York to New York City Public Schools. FULL list of winners under!
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Taylor Caniff On Homophobic Video Rant ‘Everyone’s Aloud An Opinion.. I Won’t Kill Myself’

homohomophobecaniff-2YouTube star Taylor Caniff responds to his homophobic video: Haha funny seeing people upset about a video I made 2 years ago.. Everyone’s aloud an opinion..

Like what am I suppose to do? I apologized. Like I won’t kill myself like you guys keep asking.. Maybe I can jump off a house or something ‘A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others. -Ayn Rand’. It’s funny because my real supports would know I’m not a homophobe.. Because the way me and Dillon act on younow


Taylor Caniff ‘Gay Men Having Sex Is Disgusting And F*cked Up But I’m Okay With Girl On Girl Sex’

taylor-caniff-gay (6)taylor-caniff-gay (5)Vine star Taylor Caniff revealed that he is a homophobe: ‘I’m just like Christian Beadles, I don’t have anything against gay people. But how they make love is f*cked up! Especially guy on guy is disgusting. Girl on girl I can understand. And, you know, I don’t have anything against you guys. It’s just disgusting.’

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