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Taylor Swift Is Far Too “Pretty” To Be Sketched Accurately

Taylor Swift sketch artist defends work-1While the political climate in America inches closer and closer to another boiling point, Swifties have taken it upon themselves to fight for real issues–like the sketch artist from Taylor Swift’s sexual assault trial explaining why her photos look so unrealistic.

“A person like Taylor Swift, who is very pretty – has perfectly proportioned dimensions on the face –  is actually much harder to sketch,” explained artist Jeff Kandyba. Criticism over Jeff’s sketched version of the pop singer began soon after the singer’s sexual assault trial with fans mocking just how bad they believed the portraits looked.
Taylor Swift sketch artist defends work-8

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Taylor Swift Wins $1 In Butt-Groping Case Verdict; DJ Found Guilty Of Assault And Battery

Taylor Swift Wins Butt Groping Case; DJ Found Guilty Of Assault And Battery featureThe courtroom drama of Taylor Swift’s trial against Colorado DJ David Mueller is over. An eight-person jury unanimously decided the case in Taylor’s favor, finding David guilty of assault and battery. The news comes after a judge already dealt a blow to David’s case amidst multiple days of intense testimony in Denver. Outside of the Colorado court, fans celebrated as others posted messages of support, using post-it notes in their office windows.

Taylor Swift Wins Butt Groping Case; DJ Found Guilty Of Assault And Battery tweet

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Judge Drops Colorado DJ’s Claim That Taylor Swift Got Him Fired

Taylor Swift is no longer a defendant in civil caseTaylor Swift got her a court win on Friday when the judge threw out the lawsuit filed by the Colorado DJ David Mueller claiming the pop singer was the driving force behind him losing his job when she accused him of groping her.

“Taylor Swift did not act improperly,” the judge told the courtroom. According the judge, the former radio personality offered “insufficient evidence Miss Taylor Swift acted improperly when she reported an assault she truly believed happened.”

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Taylor Swift Takes The Stand, Slams Alleged Butt Groper For “Grabbing My Ass”

Taylor Swift Takes The Stand, Slams Alleged Butt Groper For Grabbing My Ass featureTaylor Swift’s trial in Denver, Colorado, has continued. Following up testimony from the alleged butt groper David Mueller, Taylor took the stand to be questioned by David’s attorney, Gabriel McFarland. Taylor didn’t pull any punches during her testimony as she denied David’s contention that he was just trying to get into the photo that’s at the center of the trial.

“What Mr. Mueller did was very intentional,” Taylor said under questioning. “It was a definite grab, a very long grab,” she went on. “He stayed latched onto my bare ass cheek.”

“I am critical of your client for sticking his hand under my skirt and grabbing my ass,” Taylor said when challenged about her intent. Taylor made good on fans’ hopes that she would use the platform as a chance to set her own narrative on dealing with the aftermath of the allegedly inappropriate interaction.

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Taylor Swift Is About To Come Face To Face With Her Accused Butt Groper

Court Officials Are Planning For Hundreds To Show Up At Taylor Swift's Butt Grabbing Trial featureJury selection for Taylor Swift’s trial is set to begin on Monday, and court officials in Colorado are preparing for what they expect to be a circus. According to one report, the Denver court house’s Clerk of Court says they’re ready to handle a few hundred people if Swifties show up en masse.

“We are prepared for upwards of 200 people. Fans can start lining up for their court passes at 6 a.m.,” Jeff Cowell said. Only 32 members of the public will be admitted to the courtroom each day. Another 75 will get to watch a live feed of the trial on monitors. But cell phones, Taylor t-shirts, banners and signs are all forbidden in the Court House halls.

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