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Camila Cabello Gets Reacquainted With Her Cuban Roots On “Hey Ma”

Camila Cabello Gets Reacquainted With Her Cuban Roots On Hey MaAnother Camila Cabello side project has been released while fans continue to wait for her authentic solo music to arrive. The former Fifth Harmony member joined forces with Pitbull and J Balvin on the infectious full Spanish version and music video for “Hey Ma,” a song to be featured in upcoming film “The Fate of the Furious.” As previously reported, Britney Spears was originally signed on for the song. Camila turned out to be the better candidate, especially after hearing the song and seeing its visual in full.

Camila—Cuban-born—demands attention from the start, turning heads as she walks while salsa-esque beats blare through the street. She tackles a Spanish-sung chorus and a few short verses, which shows a side of her music that fans have seldom seen or heard.

Check out “Hey Ma” below and tell us your thoughts.

(Photo credit: Youtube)

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Camila Cabello Snatches Britney Spears’ Chance At Being Featured On “Fast And Furious” Soundtrack

Pitbull Says Camila Cabello Replace Britney Spears On Their Fast And Furious Soundtrack SongIn a recent interview with Radio.com, Pitbull spilled some tea about how his collaboration with Camila Cabello came about. According to Pitbull, the song “Hey Ma” for the “The Fate Of The Furious” soundtrack didn’t originally feature Camila and their Colombian collaborator J Balvin. Instead, those parts in the song went to bachata singer Romeo Santos and iconic pop star Britney Spears.

Pitbull said, “At first it was me and Romeo Santos. Britney Spears ended up on the record. ‘Fast and Furious’ ends up loving the record, and they brought on board J Balvin and Camila Cabello.” He continued, “So, it’s been an interesting journey.”

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Camila Cabello Adds Some Major Latin Flavor To Her Next Hit Single

J Balvin And Camila Cabello Film A Music Video In MiamiCamila Cabello was spotted in Miami changing outfits as she shot a music video with a Latin American musical sensation. J Balvin, a Colombian singer, songwriter, rapper and record producer, was seen getting close to Fifth Harmony singer on the set of what looks to be an exciting visual.

The duo was pulling costume changes in front of some classic and brand new cars as they play fought and had a dance battle in the Miami streets. Rumor has it they’ve teamed up with Pitbull for a new Latin dance track called “Hey Mama.”

A clip of the track has leaked ahead of its possible inclusion on “The Fast & the Furious 8″ soundtrack.

Check out pics from Camila’s video shoot with J Balvin and get your first taste of Camila’s new song below.


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