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Zac Efron’s New Film Is Quickly Becoming Too Hot To Handle

Zac Efron film to hot to handleZac Efron’s new film “The Greatest Showman” is heating up–literally–after a fire broke out on the set while Hugh Jackman filmed the final scene on Sunday. In the movie, Hugh’s character, P.T. Barnum, saves his assistant Phillip (played by Zac) from a burning house, but the pyrotechnics malfunctioned resulting in a real fire.

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Zendaya Attempts To Stay Warm On The Set Of “The Greatest Showman”

Zendaya Coleman Braves The Cold On The Set Of 'The Greatest Showman'Spider-Man: Homecoming” is in the post-production stage and Zendaya is wasting no time continuing on with her acting career. The actress was spotted bundled with coats over vintage carnival clothes on the set of “The Greatest Showman” Thursday in New York. Zendaya’s latest acting venture places her alongside Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron, who she could soon be joining as a Disney alum.

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