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Ariana Grande Abruptly Cancels The Rest Of “The Honeymoon Tour”

Ariana-Grande-Cancels-Abu-Dhabi-TourAriana Grande has canceled her December 3rd concert in Abu Dhabi, and event coordinators from Flash Entertainment released a statement saying that Ariana is “not able to travel.” They continue by saying this will impact the remainder of the tour, but that they are trying to set up a new date for next year. Earlier this morning, the singer apologized on Twitter for the last-minute cancelations.

Ariana GrandeAriana’s inability to travel means upcoming stops for “The Honeymoon Tour” in the UAE, the UK and Japan are canceled.

No word yet from Ariana or her team stating the reason what’s behind her inability to finish the tour.

(Photo credit: Ariana Grande and Sarah_coucou Twitter accounts)