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The Weeknd Severs All Ties With H&M After The Brand’s Racially Insensitive Ad

The Weeknd severs ties with HM-2H&M’s marketing strategy needs some work. The brand recently shared its latest campaign which features an African American child in a hoodie that reads, “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle.” As could be expected, the ad seriously backfired. After the brand was called out for the racially insensitive campaign, The Weeknd has decided to sever all ties.

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Beyoncé Set To Return To Coachella After 2017 Cancellation

Beyonce headlining Coachella 2018-1The moment every person who wants to rub elbows with Instagram celebs and dress like hipsters has been waiting for is fast approaching as the official Coachella 2018 lineup has been announced. As promised, 2017’s headliner Beyoncé will be back to make up for her cancelled performance that was taken over by Lady Gaga. Eminem and The Weeknd will also be co-headlining the three-day festival.

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