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Selena Gomez Teases “Bad Liar” Lyrics And Confuses The F*ck Out Of Her Fans

Selena Gomez Is Good At Hiding The Truth With New Bad Liar Lyric Teasers featureSelena Gomez is teasing lyrics off of her upcoming single. Using the same lipstick on a mirror motif she used to announce the track, Selena dropped three lines about trying on her Instagram account.

“Trying not to think about you,” the first post read. Two more posts about trying to “play it coy” and “distract myself” were added simultaneously, offering fans a chance to speculate about the new track.

While the the title alone was enough to make some guess the song would be about Justin Bieber, the lyrics only add confusion to the song’s subject matter. Selena works to keep up a positive outlook, so maybe the track will actually be about her relationship with The Weeknd.

Check out the new lyrics teasers below and decide for yourself until “Bad Liar” drops on Thursday.

(Photo credit: Selena Gomez Instagram account)

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Selena Gomez Gives The Weeknd The Grand Tour Of Dallas

Selena Gomez Gives The Weeknd The Grand Tour Of TexasAfter making The Weeknd’s Dallas concert a family affair, Selena Gomez showed her boyfriend around her old stomping grounds. The couple was spotted on a casual date night at Topgolf where The Weeknd did his best to show off a strong swing.

The two were joined by some of Selena’s friends and family. Priscilla DeLeon, who attended The Weeknd’s show with her young son, was in attendance for the Friday night fun. The baby stayed home this time around.

Selena Gomez Gives The Weeknd The Grand Tour Of DallasThis trip comes a couple of months after The Weeknd showed Selena around his hometown of Toronto. Returning the favor seems to speak volumes for the seriousness of their relationship.

See a few videos below.

(Photo credits: letmeseeyou Instagram account, PreguntasRapidas and SelenaHQ Twitter accounts)

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Selena Gomez Treats Her Cousin And Baby Nephew To The Weeknd’s Concert

Selena Gomez Treats Her Cousin And Baby Nephew To The Weeknd's ConcertSelena Gomez might be ready to give up fame, but not before first treating her family to the fruits of her labor. The singer, who has quickly established herself as her boyfriend’s groupie, brought her cousin and baby nephew to The Weeknd’s recent concert in Dallas, Texas. The family affair seemed like a touching relationship milestone since Selena is a Texas native, but her nephew—less than two-years-old—probably won’t remember the night.

Photos and video show Selena and her cousin Priscilla DeLeon grooving to The Weeknd’s setlist in the crowded arena. More photos show Selena also catching up with her assistant Theresa Mingus and photographer friend Elie.

Check out photos and video below.

(Photo credit: TeamSelenaGomez Twitter account, Priscilla DeLeon Instagram account)

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Selena Gomez Is Over Being Famous

Selena Gomez Is Over Being FamousSelena Gomez is trying her Little Miss Relatable act again. The singer may have just made her red carpet debut with her Grammy-winning boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean she’s married to this whole fame and fortune thing. In a new post from Humans of New York, Selena revealed that she wouldn’t have a problem if her career died.

“I feel like I’m just starting, but I think I’d be fine if it all went away,” Selena said, echoing other sentiments she’s expressed about her life. Selena has long struggled to come to terms with her celebrity. Apparently, her willingness to give it all up is hereditary.

“I get that from my mother,” Selena said of her apathy. “From the moment I started singing, she always reminded me that all of this was a privilege, and could be taken at any moment. So singing is not how I define myself. I try to keep my identity rooted in my friendships and my faith.”

It’s a brave stance for the world’s most-followed Instagram user to take. Hopefully, she doesn’t back down on it.

See Selena’s Humans of New York message below.

(Photo credit: Selena Gomez Instagram account)

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Nick Jonas And Joe Jonas Are Leading Men At The 2017 Met Gala

Nick Jonas And Joe Jonas Are Leading Men On The Met Gala Red Carpet featureNick Jonas and Joe Jonas brought their style game to the 2017 Met Gala on Monday night. Both of the Jo Bros were styling in bold patterned looks alongside dates in equally impressive numbers.

Nick showed up in Ralph Lauren alongside Priyanka Chopra. While her trench coat dress outshone his look, the creative art deco jacket he sported really popped. Joe’s jacket popped, too, but as part of a matching striped H&M tuxedo. He showed up with Lena Dunham in a matching dress. Nick captured Joe getting some quality time with Sophie Turner later in the night.

Other notable men on the red carpet included The Weeknd in a custom Maison Valentino tux. He wore the look in his red carpet debut with Selena Gomez. Anwar Hadid was just one member of the Hadid family that had to watch Bella Hadid’s ex cozy up to his new girlfriend. Gigi Hadid hooked him up with a Tommy Hilfiger suit to match his mom’s gown.

Jaden Smith showed up in Louis Vuitton. A$AP Rocky spent a lot of time with Kendall Jenner looking like a rockstar. And Diplo saved himself from looking like part of the catering staff with a well-trimmed jacket.

See some of the best menswear from the 2017 Met Gala below.

(Photo credits: Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas Instagram accounts)

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Selena Gomez And The Weeknd Make Red Carpet Debut In Front Of The Hadid Family

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd make red carpet debut-4The Weeknd and his rebound relationship with Selena Gomez is now red carpet official. The couple attended the 2017 Met Gala on Monday night and they were not shy about their P.D.A., despite the eyes of Bella Hadid and her family members.

According to E! News eyewitnesses, the couple not only shared hugs and kisses at the fashion event but Selena allegedly said the three big words to her man. E! News reports that “the lovebirds were absolutely inseparable as they posed for photos, their smiles lighting up the entire room,” but that’s not all. “Not to mention we caught Selena sneaking in an oh-so telling “I love you” into her man’s ear.”

Luckily they both managed to avoid Bella and her protective mom Yolanda Hadid. They couldn’t, however, avoid the cameras that caught Selena professing her love–or The Weeknd saying nothing back.

See more photos and video of the couple on the red carpet below.

(Photo credits: Selena Gomez, The Weeknd, W magazine and Met Museum Instagram accounts; MyLifeIsSelG Twitter account)

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