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Selena Gomez Answers 73 Questions For Vogue And Takes A Shot At Justin Bieber In The Process

Selena Gomez answers 73 QuestionsAs part of her U.S. Vogue cover story, Selena Gomez answered 73 questions to give fans a better look into who she is. The singer revealed that her plans a year from now include a lot of traveling, but with no signs of releasing an album we wonder if her traveling plans refer to following The Weeknd around.

The singer has already joined her boyfriend in a few countries while he performs on his “Starboy: Legend of the Fall Tour” which ends its “Phase 1″ on June 9. None of the questions touched on her personal life, but the singer did admit the most romantic thing a boyfriend has ever done. “A romantic dinner on a rooftop,” she responded.

She and The Weeknd have enjoyed many dates which the paparazzi have conveniently been around to snap photos of, but none of which have included photos of the couple on a rooftop. Possibly throwing a bit of shade Justin Bieber’s way, Selena also admitted that people who act entitled anger her the most.

Watch all of Selena’s 73 answers below.

(Photo credit: Selena Gomez Instagram account)

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Selena Gomez And The Weekend Share A Romantic Aquarium Date

Selena Gomez And The Weekend Share A Romanic Canadian Aquarium Date featureSelena Gomez and The Weeknd took their photogenic relationship to a Toronto aquarium for a date. The couple has been in the Canadian hometown of the R&B crooner since late last week.

Selena and her new flame were spotted out on the town by a fan. Both took advantage of the aquarium’s stunning visuals for some social media photo opportunities. While they kept any PDA out of sight from cameras, it looks like the duo had a romantic time together.

See Selena’s date with The Weeknd below.

(Photo credits: Selena Gomez and The Weeknd Instagram accounts)

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Selena Gomez Can’t Keep Her Hands To Herself In The Weeknd’s Hometown

Selena Gomez Can't Keep Her Hands To Herself In The Weeknd's HometownDespite staying tight-lipped during her first American Vogue cover story, the same can’t be said when Selena Gomez steps out in public with The Weeknd. The pair’s budding relationship took a huge step on Thursday during yet another PDA-packed date night. This time, however, The Weeknd brought Selena home to Toronto. If taking your girlfriend to your old stomping grounds isn’t serious, nothing is.

Selena and her “Starboy” beaux were spotted roaming the Canadian streets hand-in-hand. The Weeknd planted a few disgustingly sweet kisses on Selena’s cheek along the way.

Selena Gomez And The Weeknd In Toronto 1According to E! News, the couple has been posted up in Toronto for  the better part of this week. Thursday’s outing reportedly followed a VIP screening of Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” that The Weeknd coordinated for Wednesday evening.

Check out a couple of video highlights from the hometown romantic adventure below.

(Photo credits: holdmeselly, strongselenas and classylena 24 Instagram accounts)

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The Weeknd Calls Selena Gomez Out For Wearing His Sweatshirt

Selena Gomez Is Jocking The Weeknd's Style featureThe Weeknd called out his girlfriend Selena Gomez in the comments on one of her recent Instagram posts. That’s because Selena apparently nabbed one of his hoodies and wore it during a day in the studio.

The Weeknd commented on one of the pics Selena shared from her recent recording session. He had an eye-roll emoji for her, too, as if he’d been wondering where that hoodie had run off to. Whether or not Selena asked before she “borrowed” the sweater, The Weeknd and Selena’s Instagram interaction is the couple’s most recent attempt to rub their relationship in the face of the general public.

Just don’t tell Bella Hadid that.

See The Weeknd figure out where his sweater went below.

(Photo credits: Selena Gomez, The Weeknd Instagram accounts)

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The Weeknd Endures The Apocalypse With A Bella Hadid Lookalike In “I Feel It Coming”

The Weeknd Shares I Feel It Coming Music VideoThe Weeknd has shared a bizarrely retro music video for “I Feel It Coming.” The wardrobe and dance moves would make Michael Jackson proud, but the visual’s leading lady might not have the same effect on Selena Gomez. A woman who bares a striking resemblance to Bella Hadid materializes in ’80s sci-fi fashion. The Weeknd obviously has a romantic connection with this mysterious creature before she eventually turns to stone amid an apocalyptic storm. The Weeknd later joins her in stoney afterlife.

Daft Punk, track contributors, eventually appear at the very end in Darth Vader-inspired garb. The first second or so of “Starboy” is heard before the screen goes black.

Check out “I Feel It Coming” below.

Do you see the resemblance between the woman in the video and The Weeknd’s ex?

(Photo credit: Youtube)

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Bella Hadid Steps Out Like A Dolled-Up Dominatrix In Paris

Bella Hadid Leaving Her Hotel Plaza Athenee In ParisBella Hadid took a break from the catwalks for a night on the town in Paris. The model was spotted leaving her hotel like a girl on a mission and nothing was going to get in her way. Bella turned heads in a curve-hugging leather mini dress that fastened like a corset complete with dominatrix buckles and gloves. The outfit was just dangerous enough for The Weeknd to drool over and for Selena Gomez not to f*ck with.

You never know when you’re going to run into your ex and his new girl, especially when they’re staying in a hotel just a few blocks away.

See the photos below.

(Photo credit: Best Images/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES)

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