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Don’t Expect “Thinking Out Loud” To Be Ed Sheeran’s Wedding Song

World's Top Wedding Singer Ed Sheeran Won't Be Singing Thinking Out Loud At His Own Wedding featureEd Sheeran has become a fixture at weddings around the world. “Thinking Out Loud” is a record-setting wedding song and he’s expressed concerns that, when it comes to weddings, he only gets invited to play the song drunk.

With his own impending nuptials to Cherry Seaborn, some might wonder what Ed’s planning for the music at his reception. A clever bit of digging has unearthed what track to expect at Ed’s wedding.

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Ed Sheeran Only Gets Invited To Weddings To Play “Thinking Out Loud” Drunk

Never Even A Bridesmaid: Ed Sheeran Only Gets Invited To Weddings To Play Thinking Out Loud Drunk featureEd Sheeran said, “Cheerio, Yanks!” as he appeared on the Monday broadcast of “Good Morning America.” The singer talked about how shocked he still is that he’s even famous and what it’s like to be the man behind the number-one wedding song in the world. Turns out it means a lot of wedding invites where there’s a convenient guitar at the reception.

“I don’t get asked to play the wedding. I just get invited,” Ed said. “It gets to a certain point in the night where I’m a bit hammered.” That’s when his friends take advantage of that moment to pop the question: Will he play “Thinking Out Loud”?

“That’s happened a bunch of times,” Ed confessed. “They’re like, ‘Oh, Ed–there’s a guitar. It’s so weird there’s a guitar here.'” Convenient guitars aside, Ed doesn’t sound that upset at the regular request from his friends at their weddings.

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