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Give Love A Try: A Romantic Timeline Of Nick Jonas And His Relationship Baggage

A Thorough Valentine's Day Celebration Of Nick Jonas And His Relationship Baggage featureWith Joe Jonas off the market, Nick Jonas is quickly becoming one of the world’s most sought after bachelors. Following the news that big brother Joe is officially marriage material, it seems that Nick’s various bulges are becoming some of the most coveted curves in the entertainment industry. But anyone eager to jump Nick’s bones ought to know what they’re getting into, so here’s a look back at his ghosts of girlfriends past.

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Halsey Joins Zedd’s ACLU Benefit Show

Halsey Is Joining Zedd's ACLU Benefit Show featureHalsey is one of several big names that have been announced for a new benefit show. Organized by Zedd, the show will benefit the American Civil Liberties Union, which has been working overtime to challenge President Donald Trump’s executive orders like the Muslim Ban. Zedd has put together a lineup that also features Tinashe, Daya, Skrillex and more.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t get some of the stars he originally tried to recruit. While Macklemore is on board, Zedd couldn’t get Camila Cabello, who has written about her own experience as a member of an immigrant family, for the show despite reaching out publicly.

The concert is called “Welcome!” and tagged as “Phase 1,” hinting that there could be more phases coming soon. The first one will happen on April 3 at the Staples Center in L.A.

See the official poster for the show below.

(Photo credits: Halsey and Zedd Instagram accounts)

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Forget Taylor Swift! Kylie Jenner Is Part Of A New Squad

Kylie Jenner in new Wang SquadThe Taylor Swift squad has fallen only for a new squad to rise just in time for New York Fashion Week. Kylie Jenner, Tinashe, Tyga, Zoë Kravitz and more young celebs are now members of Alexander Wang’s Instagram campaign, Wang Squad.

Other than the mugshot-like polaroids, the fashion designer didn’t offer many details about the upcoming ads. Tyga, however, teased that there’s “gonna be a lot of video,” when he spoke to Bazaar.com.

Take a look at the campaign video below.

(Photo credit: Kylie Jenner Instagram account)

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Tinashe Releases A New Song, But Still No Album

Tinashe releases new songTinashe has released something new for her fans; but if you’re thinking it’s an album, you are mistaken. The singer’s album plans are still very much in the air after she decided to end her tour in order to focus more on said album. The release of “Superlove” seems to be an indicator that the singer is making progress on her sophomore effort.

Listen to Tinashe’s new song “Superlove” below.

Are you glad Tinashe’s back with new music?

(Photo credit: Tinashe Instagram account)

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Still No Album, But Tinashe Is Gearing Up For A Song Release

Still No Album, But Tinashe Is Gearing Up For A Song ReleaseWhile fans are still waiting on Tinashe’s album, “Joyride,” a new song is definitely about to drop. Speaking with 95.7 The Beat before this year’s BET Awards, Tinashe announced a new upcoming single called “Super Love.” She claimed that the song was set to be released in a few weeks, which could now happen any day. Tinashe’s latest vague tweet includes what appears to be cover art for the single, and fans are assuming that it will drop any second.

Check out the tweet below.

Are you excited to hear Tinashe’s new single?

(Photo credits: Tinashe Instagram account; Tinashe, MommyTinashe, JoyrideEra and tinashetho Twitter accounts)

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