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Louis Tomlinson’s One Direction Update Doesn’t Sound Too Promising

Louis Tomlinson on TODAY showLouis Tomlinson appeared on the “TODAY” show early Friday morning promoting his debut single “Just Hold On” along with Steve Aoki. The singer was able to quickly speak with hosts Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie to give an update on the future of One Direction.

“We’re all just kind of enjoying a bit of time to ourselves and you know exploring our own solo things,” he said. That may not sound too promising to Directioners who were under the assumption this hiatus was only going to last a year.

Watch Louis’ performance on the “TODAY” show below.

(Photo credit: TODAY Instagram account)

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Lady Gaga Opens Up About Her PTSD Resulting From Her Rape At 19

Lady Gaga Reveals Her Struggle With PTSDLady Gaga’s recent visit to an LGBTQ center in New York wasn’t just a chance for her to give some gifts and sing to the homeless youth there. It was an opportunity for her to open up about something she’s been dealing with for years. NBC’s “TODAY” cameras were rolling as she gathered a group for meditation and explained that she uses the tactic to help her cope with her past. When “TODAY” asked her about her motivation during an interview, Gaga explained she’s been living with post traumatic stress disorder since she was a teenager.

“I suffer from PTSD,” Gaga confessed. “I’ve never told anyone that before, so here we are.” While Gaga didn’t say it herself, “TODAY” connected the dots to figure out that her condition stems from her sexual assault at age 19. Gaga has discussed her assault before, but not her mental illness that resulted from the incident.

“The kindness that’s been shown to me–by doctors, as well as my family and my friends–it’s really saved my life,” Gaga said. She explained that she’s found that kindness is a healing force. “I’ve been searching for ways to heal myself, and I’ve found that kindness is the best way.”

Watch Gaga discuss her PTSD below.

What do you think of Gaga’s latest admission?

(Photo credits: Lady Gaga Instagram account)

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Ariana Grande Explains Why She’s Been Breaking Down In Tears On The Set Of “Hairspray Live!”

Hairspray Live Cast Talk The Show's Powerful Relevance And Tearful RehearsalsThe cast of  NBC’s upcoming musical event “Hairspray Live!” stopped by the “TODAY” show Monday morning. Ariana Grande and her cast mates discuss their excitement and how powerfully relevant the musical is during a time of racial unrest.

“It’s such a dream,” Ariana says about being included in the musical. “It’s truly inspiring and exciting and electrifying.”

As a musical, “Hairspray” tackles 1960s racial segregation with an inspiring upbeat twist. Jennifer Hudson feels that performing this piece as a televised musical today is truly relevant and much-needed. “Even in this, we are marching,” she says. “You’re trying to find a way to come together.”

The entire cast echoes her thoughts and Ariana suggests that viewers of the live show might want to expect a few tears. “We’ve been rehearsing and have been moved to tears literally every single time,” she says of the show’s powerful message. “It’s going to be so hard not to cry on the day.”

“The arts has the power to change lives,” Kristin Chenoweth urges viewers to remember. The members of the cast all agree.

Check out the full interview below.

“Hairspray Live!” airs December 7 on NBC at 8/7 CT.

(Photo credit: ArianaTodayNet Twitter account)

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Gigi Hadid Talks Taylor Swift’s Halloween Party And New York Style On “TODAY”

Gigi Hadid Out And About In NYCGigi Hadid stopped by “TODAY” on Wednesday morning to discuss her career, her social life and the way she wears her long coats. Host Matt Lauer congratulated Gigi on all of her magazine covers before asking about how Gigi’s Halloween went.

“Halloween was really cool. We were all working, so my friend had a girls’ night at her house,” Gigi says, referring to the Halloween party Taylor Swift threw. “We had chips and guacamole and pizza.” Matt didn’t let up, prompting Gigi to name Taylor, but she was happy to act like it was no big deal.

He was as relentless in his next topic. Matt showed a photo of Gigi wearing a long white coat in New York and took her to task for letting the coat drag on the NYC sidewalk. Gigi tried to explain that the coat came right off the runway, so it was already dirty. She downplayed how dirty the coat might’ve been after her walk, saying she only went across the street for coffee.

Gigi also talked about her new shoe line with Stuart Weitzman.

Check out Gigi’s interview below, plus some pics of the all-black look she wore to and from the “TODAY” studio.


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A Nostalgic Niall Horan Performs Solo On “TODAY”

Niall Horan Performs On TodayNiall Horan has been taking over American television one appearance at a time this week. After showing up for Wednesday episodes of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “The Late Late Show,” Niall flew into New York City to perform on “TODAY” Friday morning. He has been on the talk show numerous times with One Direction, but this marks his first appearance as a solo artist. Niall explains the return as “nostalgic” and recalls fans lining up on the streets, which is something he will “never get used to.”

Check out Niall’s brief interview and performance of “This Town” below.

(Photo credit: TODAY Twitter account)

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