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Beliebers Top Directioners And Lovatics!

justin-bieber-blondeBelieber’s are the most dominate fan army on Twitter!

2014’s most tweeted about fan armies: 1. Beliebers – (Justin Bieber ) 2. Directioners – (One Direction) 3. Animals – (Ke$ha) 4. Lovatics – (Demi Lovato) 5. Sones – (Girls’ Generation) 6. Rihanna Navy – (Rihanna) 7. Mahomies/ Mahonies – (Austin Mahone) 8 Swifties – (Taylor Swift) 9 Aliens – (Tokio Hotel) 10. Selenators – (Selena Gomez)

Do YOU believe that the list is accurate?
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Bill & Tom Kaulitz, Rihanna, Ashley Tisdale, Olivia Holt And More Celebrity Halloween Costume Picture Roundup

hallows (2)Rihanna Going To A Halloween Partyhalloween-costumes-2014 (1)Bill & Tom Kaulitz, Ashley Tisdale, Rihanna, Olivia Holt & more costumes!

Who wore your favorite costume this year?

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Bill Kaulitz BISEXUAL? ‘Everyone Can Love Who They Want To Love Without Shouting It From The Rooftops’

tokioooo (1)Tokio Hotel FOCUS.DE interview. Bill, many people wanted to know if you’re bisexual. You spoke out in favor of love independent of gender. Why do people nowadays still need a label for this?

Bill Kaulitz: That’s a good question which I also ask myself. I don’t understand it. My message is: Let’s not label and always make such a big topic out of it. Everyone can love who they want to love, without shouting it from the rooftops. We can’t decide it ourselves anyway. Love is decided by our heart. Everyone will realize that sometime.

You also can’t predict that.. Kaulitz: Exactly. Who knows, maybe I go out of my hotel room and meet the love of my life. Such encounters can also change everything. Because of that I also find it difficult to link it to the gender or religion or to limit it in any way.

Do people think too narrow-minded, too black & white? Schäfer: Definitely.

Thanks TokioHotelInfo for translating :)

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Tokio Hotel Signing Autographs At Fnac Saint-Lazare To Promote Their New Album ‘Kings Of Suburbia’

Exclusive... Tokio Hotel Meet & Greet In ParisTokio Hotel signs autographs for fans at Fnac Saint-Lazare on October 9, 2014 in Paris, France. More than 600 fans showed up for the signing, some even stayed out all night to meet the ‘Kings Of Suburbia’ band.

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