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Nick Jonas’ Next Role? Act Like There’s No Women Left On The Planet

Nick Jonas Next Role? Act Like There's No Women Left On The Whole Planet featureNick Jonas mourned the loss of his MMA TV show “Kingdom” as it came to an end. For Nick and any fans of his work on screens small or large, there’s good news. He’s landed a role in a new post-apocalyptic thriller due out in 2019. Opposite rising stars like Tom Holland from “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and Daisy Ridley from the new “Star Wars” trilogy, Nick will play the villain’s rebellious son in “Chaos Walking.”

Based on a series of books, the movie is about a world in which things going viral is bad news. That’s because a virus has killed off almost all the women on the colony planet, and another virus on the world makes people hallucinate. Nick’s character is Davy Prentiss, Jr., a soldier enlisted in his father’s army who can’t get over the fact that his dad likes Tom’s character better.

It sounds like a dark turn for the actor who’s made his name as a more lovable type of character. But maybe Nick’s just ready for his acting career to get more complicated.

Check out Nick’s post about the new role below. Read more about what to expect from “Chaos Walking” here.

(Photo credit: Nick Jonas Instagram account)

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Tom Holland and Zendaya Dodge The Paparazzi During Joyride Together

Zendaya and Tom Holland dodge the paps-1First Tom Holland and Zendaya had to dodge dating rumors and now they’re having to dodge the paparazzi. The “Spider-Man: Homecoming” co-stars were hanging out in Hollywood on Monday when Zendaya began Snapchatting their experience.

“So I’m rolling with this guy today, and we have a nice paparazzi guy following us,” Zendaya said. The actress found more humor in the situation than Tom, who was visibly upset. “This motherf**ker stopped on the freeway because we were trying to lose him,” the actor complained.

They were able to get behind the paparazzo who managed to snap a picture, much to Zendaya’s disbelief. “He just took a picture of us!”

Watch Zendaya’s Snapchat video and one of the pap photos of the two below.

(Photo credits: lilo_dallas and tomhollandaf  Twitter accounts)

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Zendaya And Tom Holland Laugh Off Bogus Dating Rumors

Zendaya denies Tom Holland dating rumors-1Zendaya and Tom Holland found themselves denying numerous dating rumors on Thursday afternoon. It all began after PEOPLE reported that the two found love with each other during the filming of “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and have been keeping things “out of the public eye.”

The actress responded to an excited fan and not only denied that the two costars are dating, but called out specific parts of the article.
Zendaya denies Tom Holland dating rumors-3


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Not Funny: Zendaya Is Only Comic Relief In “Spider-Man: Homecoming”

Not Funny: Zendaya Is Only Comic Relief In Spider-Man: Homecoming featureZendaya has been front and center throughout the promo run for “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” even though its trailer offered no answers to the questions swirling around the true nature of her role. While Zendaya has said she would’ve done the movie if she had one line, a new report makes it sound like she doesn’t have many more than that.

A new piece from Vulture outlines Zendaya’s real role in the film. Despite the controversy about her being Spider-Man’s romantic lead, Mary-Jane Watson, she’s actually just comic relief.

“Zendaya’s character, Michelle, is one of several high-schoolers in Peter Parker’s loose-knit friend group, popping up every so often at the end of a scene to say something snarky,” Kyle Buchanan writes. “She is not present for most of the movie’s major scenes or action set pieces, has no bearing on the plot, and disappears for wide swaths of the film. Spider-Man never saves her, and Peter Parker never kisses her: In fact, he barely seems to know she exists.”

While Zendaya’s zingers promise to be worth a laugh and she brings some healthy wokeness to the movie, the real female lead is Laura Harrier. She plays a character named Liz who Spider-Man is trying to catch in his web.

Despite the news, Zendaya did get a chance to flex her acting muscles on a Spider-Man project. Vanity Fair had her perform a dramatic reading of the original theme song from the 1960s web-slinger cartoon.

Watch her do her best to bring it to life below.

(Photo credit: Zendaya Instagram account)

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Zendaya Gets Love From Erykah Badu After “Lip Sync Battle” Performance

Zendaya gets love from Erykah Badu for LSBZendaya and her “Spider-Man: Homecoming” costar Tom Holland appeared on “Lip Sync Battle” on Sunday, but it may go down as one of the most talked about episodes to date. Both actors got fully into character as they performed Bruno Mars and Rihanna, but it was Zendaya’s rendition of Erykah Badu’s “Tyrone” that got her a special shout out.
Zendaya gets love from Erykah Badu for LSB-2Unfortunately, Zendaya didn’t take home the top prize and her recent likes can give you some insight on how she felt about the loss.

Watch Zendaya and Tom’s performances below.

(Photo credit: Lip Sync Battle Instagram account)

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