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Noah Cyrus’ Biggest Musical Influence Isn’t Miley Cyrus

Noah Cyrus Biggest Musical Influence Isn't Miley Cyrus featureNoah Cyrus has to talk a lot about what it’s like trying to make her name as the child and sibling of some big names in the music world. Her latest effort to step out of those shadows came in Town & Country Magazine. In the same issue that featured Billie Lourd’s deep interview about her mother and grandmother, Noah has been named a “Modern Swan” by the publication.

A short interview with Noah had her answering questions about her family’s advice for stardom and what she hopes for in her songwriting. She also opened up about who her biggest influence is.

“I think you’ve got to be as honest as possible in order to influence someone,” Noah says. “People look up to me, like my music, and even follow me on Instagram because they know I’m keeping it real with them.” Who’s her idol when it comes to being real? Turns out it’s not big sis Miley Cyrus or dad Billy Ray Cyrus.

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