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Troye Sivan and Lauv Put their Friendship to the Test for ‘Glamour Magazine’

Troye SIvan Lauv GlamourTroye Sivan and Lauv have developed reputations behind the scenes as two of the nicest guys in the world of pop music. They also have maintained that their current collaboration, “I’m So Tired,’ sprang out of their true, real-world friendship — and from their own experiences being tired of all the fake, annoying and over-hyped things that they encounter in their daily lives.

So, while they were promoting their new song, Glamour Magazine decided to interview Troye and Lauv and see if their friendship actually was as “real” and grounded as the two have maintained. To do this, Glamour had the two singers take a “friendship test.”

You can see how Troye and Lauv do on the test in the video below.   Continue Reading →


Lauv and Troye Sivan Drop Collab “I’m So Tired”

Troye Sivan LauvLauv and Troye Sivan have released a new collab. In the duet, Lauv and Troye give subtle shout outs to two other artists — Coldplay and Lorde — whose works obviously inspire the moody, meditative vibe of the song.

Below, you can check out the official audio for the song … which Lauv and Troye released in the form of a video that gives subtle hints to some of the visual elements that may appear in the full official music video when it finally comes out.   Continue Reading →


Troye Sivan Shares First Part of Behind-The-Scenes Series on his “Lucky Strike” Video

Troye Sivan Lucky Strike BTSTroye SIvan’s new video for his single “Lucky Strike” has gotten attention not only for its willingness to show same-sex romance in a mainstream pop music video, but also for the stylistic elements of its direction and photography. Troye and director Emma Westenberg speak about those stylistic elements in a new BTS film that he has just shared about the shooting of his video.

You can get some insights into the thoughts behind the visual storytelling style of “Lucky Strike” in the clip below.   Continue Reading →


Troye Sivan Continues Project of Making Gay Love Understandable to the Mainstream in Video for “Lucky Strike”

Troye Sivan Lucky StrikeTroye Sivan’s video for “Lucky Strike” is unapologetically about a summer crush between two men. It does not shy away from the implied meanings in the song’s lyrics, and Troye walks a fine line between being dramatic and being humorous in playing a love struck young man crushing on a beach-boy hunk.

Of course, it’s hardly the first video to show gay male attraction. But there is also something a little revolutionary about Troye’s bright and colorful video. When Troye gets up and does his admittedly awkward dancing in front of a mixed group of everyday people on the beach, there is something subtle and subversive happening. Namely, without preaching, Troye is inviting everyone to sing along to this ode to boy-on-boy love.   Continue Reading →


Watch Troye Sivan and his Beautiful Sister Sage Mellet Get Ready for The ‘Golden Globes’

Troye Sivan Sage SivanVogue Magazine today aired a behind-the-scenes video of Troye Sivan getting ready for last weekend’s Golden Globes. Troye received his first nomination this year in the category of “Best Original Song in a Motion Picture” for “Revelation,” his collaboration with Jonsi that appeared on the soundtrack for the movie Boy Erased.

Troye caused quite a stir back in his homeland of Australia because of the date that he brought with him to the awards show — his 21-year old sister, Sage Mellet. Many news outlets have run with photos of the pair, declaring Troye’s younger sister a “stunning beauty” and a future “supermodel.” Some newspapers also complimented Troye on the care that he showed for his kid sister in being willing to share the big awards-show experience with her.

In fact, some of the best parts of the video are the affectionate bits of advice that Troye doles out to his sister on how to handle the red carpet and the press. Another funny moment is when they both realize that they would like to bump into actor Timothee Chalamet at the event …

You can watch the Vogue video below.

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