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Twitter Thinks Bella Hadid Sounds Like An Undercover Cop

Twitter Thinks Bella Hadid Sounds Like An Undercover Cop featureBella Hadid may act like fashion’s newest bad girl, but is it all a front? Twitter thinks the model might secretly be an undercover police officer after hearing her talk in the “Sneaker Shopping” video she did with Complex. Fans who hadn’t heard Bella’s other interviews were a bit confused about her vocabulary throughout the shoe-related interview.

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Miley Cyrus Upstages A Diva Pig After Making A Splash At A Pool Party

gallery-1473614796-elle-october-miley-cyrus-02-wmMiley is back to showing off her crazy antics with the second round of her Public Access show. The web series is hosted by the sneaker brand Converse and the second installment features the singer partying with her family and closest friends.

She starts off the episode by jumping feet first into a pool filled with inflatables. She even interacts with a diva pig who seems to be irritated by Miley’s constant attention.

Watch season 1, episode 2 below.

(Photo credit: Miley Cyrus Instagram account)

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Justin Bieber Hits Twitter Follower Milestone…Too Bad Most Of Them Aren’t Real

Justin Bieber's Twitter Account Surpasses New Fake Follower Milestone featureJustin Bieber has amassed 100 million followers on Twitter. Breaking the 9-digit milestone for Justin keeps him comfortably in second place behind Katy Perry’s 103 million, but still with some wiggle room ahead of former President Barack Obama’s 94 million and Taylor Swift’s 85 million. The news was enough for Twitter to roll out of a special video and custom hashtag to celebrate #100MBeliebers.

But are there actually 100 million fans following Justin? Even without discounting hate follows or people who just want to catch his inevitable Twitter meltdown, it looks like Justin’s numbers have been doctored even more than his bulge in those underwear ads.

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