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Ed Sheeran Returns To Twitter, Pretends Like Nothing Ever Happened

Ed Sheeran Returns To Twitter, Pretends Like Nothing Ever Happened featureEd Sheeran has returned to Twitter. The singer deleted his account after his cameo appearance on “Game of Thrones” led to backlash on the site. Fans of the series were outraged by Ed’s one scene in the season seven premiere, and Ed apparently had enough of the toxic tags.

After using a service called “Tweet Delete” designed to erase his posts, Ed’s account was scrubbed clean back to 2013. But some of Ed’s recent tweets are back–even though it’s mostly just his Instagram links. Even Ed’s Twitter bio says it: just go to his Instagram.

Ed already said he was fed up with Twitter earlier in July. Those comments were mostly about Lady Gaga fans, but the “Thrones” fandom was apparently even more hardcore than the Little Monsters.

Hopefully, Ed’s upcoming cameo on “The Simpsons” won’t create the same blowback. Same goes for the “8 Mile”-style biographical movie he wants to make.

Check out Ed’s new bio and his return to Twitter below.

(Photo credit: Ed Sheeran Instagram account)

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Ed Sheeran Deletes Twitter After “Game Of Thrones” Cameo Sparks A Dragonfire Storm

Ed Sheeran Deletes Twitter After Game Of Thrones Cameo Sparks A Dragonfire Storm featureEd Sheeran has had enough of Twitter. After Ed claimed he’d stopped reading tweets earlier this month, his cameo on the season seven premiere of “Game of Thrones” made him a target for critics across the platform. Despite Ed’s short scene with an actress who’s a fan, fans made a huge deal about the pop star’s brief appearance in the fantasy epic.

Apparently, “Thrones” fans are even worse than Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters. In a move of Arya Stark-like efficiency, he’s systematically deleted every single one of his tweets and shuttered his account.

Ed Sheeran Deletes Twitter After Game Of Thrones Cameo Sparks A Dragonfire Storm critic tweet 2The move presumably comes in reaction to the conversation around his cameo. Even giving Ed a song from the books that hadn’t yet appeared in the show wasn’t enough for fans. Many complained that the appearance of one of the world’s biggest pop acts ruined the escape of the fantasy world. Others simply seem to hate Ed’s face.

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Is Kylie Jenner Trying To Steal Rihanna’s Identity?

Kylie Jenner Accused Of Stealing Rihanna's Identity featureKylie Jenner has been accused of cultural appropriation plenty of times, but the latest social media allegations against Kylie are perhaps a little more serious. Instead of claiming she’s cherry picking her favorite parts of black culture for use in her clothing line or her street style, Twitter users are accusing Kylie of trying too hard to be Rihanna.

The accusations started when candids of Kylie in a bob wig with her hand over her face started confusing some users. The hair cut and outfit were enough to trick some into thinking they were looking at a pic of Rihanna. Sleuths studied the pic closely until some distinctive lips and a missing hand tattoo clued them in that it was actually a very tan Kylie.

Kylie Jenner Accused Of Stealing Rihanna's Identity tweet 2Users reacted to the news with shock. Debate raged in replies about whether the pics were of Kylie or of Rihanna. But any doubts that Kylie is studying Rihanna’s style and following her trends was put to rest as the controversy brought out the historians.

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Dove Cameron Is Down To Marry Bella Thorne, But The Internet Hates The Idea

Dove Cameron Is Down To Marry Bella Thorne, But The Internet Hates It featureBella Thorne is basically always thirsty. Since coming out as bi, she loves posting about all the girls she wants to date. And after her infatuation with Demi Lovato went nowhere, she moved on to Dove Cameron this January. Bella made it clear in a new tweet that she’s still got heart eyes for Dove, and Dove made it sound like she’s ready to try whatever Bella wants.

“FUCKKKK lemme wife you up,” Bella wrote in a tweet featuring a pic of Dove from a red carpet. Dove retweeted the tweet, making it clear that if Bella really likes it, she needs to put a ring on it. Dove didn’t exactly say yes, but she definitely didn’t say no either.

Fans, however, were eager to step in. Replies to Bella’s tweet and Dove’s retweet made it clear that very few people are here for this potential couple. Some people even used Instagram comments from Bella’s old crush, Demi Lovato, to try and scare her off.

Bella isn’t so easily discouraged, though. She couldn’t be discouraged from returning to music, so don’t expect her to stop crushing on Dove anytime soon.

Check out Bella’s tweet, Dove’s retweet and tons of fan reactions below.

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Lady Gaga Comes To Ed Sheeran’s Defense After A Little Monster Made Him Quit Twitter

Lady Gaga is picking sides after Ed Sheeran claimed her fans convinced him to quit Twitter. The “Shape of You” singer said in a recent interview that an onslaught from Gaga fans was the final straw that convinced him to abandon his account on the platform. That prompted Gaga to take to Instagram, where she gave a loving shoutout to Ed for taking a stand.

“What an incredible talented artist,” Gaga wrote in a caption on her new post. Paired with an old picture of her with Ed as he gives two thumbs up, her post continued, “I LOVE ED.” Mother Monster didn’t reprimand her fans, but she made it clear how she feels social media should be used to interact with artists.

“I wish all people on the internet would be positive and loving and apart of creating an online community that is kind and empowering,” she wrote, “not hateful and mean.” Gaga asked haters to be “kinder,” which she called the “first duty to humanity.”

Gaga is no stranger to trolls herself. Her recent team-up that had her working in a Starbucks produced a healthy helping of memes. But she’s been the target of trash talk not just from fans, but from other artists. Maybe she’s trying to lead by example with her love fest for Ed.

Check out everything she had to say about Ed and cyber bullying below.

(Photo credits: Lady Gaga and Ed Sheeran Instagram accounts)

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Lindsay Lohan Shows Support For President Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin

Hacked Or Just Wack? Lindsay Lohan Tweets Support For President Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin featureLindsay Lohan is at the center of a new controversy. The out-of-work actress has been politically active in the last year, as she’s tried to lead Hollywood’s charge in helping Syrian refugees. While she’s been hesitant to come back to the United States or comment on its national politics, new tweets make it seem like she’s coming out of her political shell.

While Lindsay has been partying in Mykonos for her birthday, her account has posted messages of support for President Donald Trump and his followers. After retweeting a message about the conservative values of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, her account wrote “THIS IS our president” in a reply to a pro-Trump tweet.

“Stop #bullying him & start trusting him,” the tweet continued. “Thank you personally for supporting #THEUSA.” In another tweet, Lindsay’s account praised Donald and his family as “kind people” and asked why anyone would “speak poorly” of them.

Hacked Or Just Wack? Lindsay Lohan Tweets Support For President Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin general wondering 7The tweets had several fans confused. While many thought it could just be lowered inhibitions resulting from Lindsay’s birthday partying, others openly wondered why Lindsay would tweet support for a man who once said of her: “She’s probably deeply troubled and therefore great in bed.” The confusion led one fan to do some digging.

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