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Katy Perry Demands Justice For A Mega Fan’s Suspended Twitter Account

Katy Perry Demands Justice For A Mega Fan's Twitter Account featureKaty Perry’s latest crusade is more social media justice than social justice. The politically outspoken singer took to Twitter on Tuesday to launch her latest advocacy work: trying to get one of her biggest fan’s Twitter account restored. Katy helped bring attention to the hashtag campaign as fans tried to figure out what exactly it was.

Katy tweeted “#JusticeForKPL,” a hashtag that was circulating after the account Katy Perry Lately was suspended. Allegedly, Twitter banned the account after it infringed on copyrights by sharing a video of Katy performing on the French version of “The Voice.”

Katy heard about the suspension from fans who caught up with her. Her voice was full of emotion as she shouted “Justice for KPL!” and immediately got on her phone to tweet it out.

Other KatyCats rallied around the cause before and especially after Katy’s tweet. The Katy Perry Lately account hasn’t been reinstated yet, but the campaign for justice is ongoing.

Katy has been all about her fans since the Manchester attack. She might even try to unite multiple fandoms again in her quest for Twitter justice.

Check out video of Katy hearing about the suspension below, plus see her tweet and some fan reactions.

(Photo credit: Katy Perry Instagram account)

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Justin Bieber Is Canada’s Most Followed Tweeter

Justin Bieber Is Canada's Most Followed Tweeter featureJustin Bieber isn’t just number one on the charts, he also owns the most followed Twitter account operated by a Canadian. A new ranking from the official Twitter Canada account revealed that Justin is beating out his fellow famous Canadians when it comes to follower count. And it’s not exactly a close race.

Justin has a big lead with 95 million followers. That’s almost three times the count for the famous name in second place. At number two, Drake clocks in with just 36 million. Number three was much closer to him than he was to Justin.

Avril Lavigne came in at just over 20 million, followed by a close contest between Carly Rae Jepsen and Shawn Mendes around 10 million each. Nina Dobrev closed out the list at just over 7 million.

The list is a who’s who of mainstream Canadian artists who represent their country much more visibly than some. The nation’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, for example, clocks in at just under 3 million followers. And the country’s official Twitter account, @Canada, has just 360,000.

Check out the Canadian Twitter rankings below.

(Photo credit: Justin Bieber Instagram account)

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Kendall Jenner Was Paid To Protest For Pepsi And Twitter Hates Everything About It

Kendall Jenner Is An Actual Paid Protestor For Pepsi featureIn a new commercial that’s being almost universally condemned as “tone-deaf,” Kendall Jenner has set the stage for a social media firestorm. In a desperate bid to connect with the current youth culture of political protest and resistance, Pepsi had Kendall break away from a high fashion photo shoot, change her outfit and join a street march.

Kendall then becomes the protestors’ de facto leader as she breaks through the crowd to come face-to-face with a line of police. As a photographer in a hijab snaps pics, Kendall hands the officer a can of Pepsi and all of the world’s problems are solved.

Kendall and Pepsi got roasted for the ad on social media, as users mocked the ad’s simplistic worldview and the use of political protest as a backdrop to sell a product. The prominent, token-style placement of people of color in the ad wasn’t enough to stem the tide of criticism.

Watch Kendall’s ad below, plus see some of the most hilarious, savage and incisive tweets about the situation.

Are people being too sensitive about the ad?

(Photo credit: Pepsi Global YouTube account)

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Kylie Jenner Gets Hacked And Addresses Those Sex Tape Rumors

kylie twitter hackKylie Jenner joins Tenacious D, Mark Zuckerberg and Katy Perry as the latest celebrity to have her social media account hacked. Kylie’s Twitter account was hacked on Sunday. Opening with a retweet from another user’s account, a stream of lewd and offensive tweets came from Kylie’s handle.

The tweets from the hacker included a lot of talk about sex and genitals, including Justin Bieber’s. They also referenced the rumored sex tape between Kylie and her ex, Tyga.

Kylie took to Snapchat to assert that the tweets weren’t coming from her. She also commented on the possibility of seeing a sex tape from her in the future.

Check out some of the hacker’s NSFW tweets and Kylie’s video responses below.

(Photo credits: Awesome News Updates YouTube channel; KyliesLog, WestsHouse and Daisy-Knees Tumblr accounts)

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#RIPAshley: Did A 5 Seconds of Summer Fan Take Her Own Life?

luke hemmings 5 seconds of summer #RIPAshleyA major controversy is brewing amidst 5 Seconds of Summer fans on Twitter. The hashtag #RIPAshley is being used to remember a fan who wrote several notes to 5SOS frontman Luke Hemmings before taking her own life. But the legitimacy of the notes and the fan’s reported suicide has been called into question as users attempt to debunk what they call a plea for attention.

#RIPAshley 5 seconds of summer reaction tweet

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