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Harry Styles Proves He’s A Better Musician Than His Former One Direction Bandmates In Live Studio Session

Harry Styles Proves He's The Real Deal With Video Of Live Studio Recording featureHarry Styles has offered up an extended teaser for his upcoming Apple Music documentary. A new video showing the live studio recording of his song “Two Ghosts” is out now, and Harry proves he doesn’t have to act when it comes to his music.

Complete with a six-piece band, Harry nails the track while strumming along on an acoustic guitar. He may have to keep checking his fingers to make sure he’s hitting the right chords, but that doesn’t stop him from delivering an emotional vocal performance on the breakup ballad.

It’s enough to shut down anyone who might’ve doubted the former boy band member’s musical prowess. Unsurprisingly, the clip also offers up a look at another of Harry’s unconventional style choices.

Watch Harry’s “Two Ghosts” visual below.

(Photo credit: Harry Styles VEVO YouTube account)

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