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No One Checked Harry Styles’ Swimming Credentials Before Filming “Dunkirk,” Panic Ensued

Someone Should've Checked Harry Styles' Swimming Credentials Before DunkirkBy now, fans have witnessed Harry Styles in the fight of his life during a dramatic underwater scene in one of the official “Dunkirk” trailers. What fans might not have known is that no one bothered to ask Harry how well he could swim before he landed the part. In a new interview with USA Today, Harry reveals just how terrifying that particular scene was to film.

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Harry Styles Talks Being Honest On His Therapeutic Solo Debut Album

Harry Styles talks new music w: USA TodayHarry Styles is doing some serious promotional efforts in support of his self-titled album. The singer recently spoke with USA Today to talk about the hidden meanings behind a few of his songs as well as what inspires his music.

It’s no secret that fans think Harry’s “Two Ghosts” is song about his relationship with Taylor Swift, but surprisingly some also feel that “Sweet Creature” is a song for bandmate Louis Tomlinson. “Well, whatever it is that it makes one feel. But I think if you listen to the lyrics, you can work out what it’s about,” Harry said.

While Harry’s album has drawn comparisons to artists like The Rolling Stones and David Bowie, the singer was actually inspired by Harry Nilsson while making his therapeutic debut. “His lyrics are honest, and so good, and I think it’s because he’s never trying to sound clever,” Harry said.  But while many of Harry’s songs are hard to dissect there’s one that even the singer says shows him being the most honest.

“Woke up alone in this hotel room, played with myself where were you / Fell back asleep, got drunk by noon, I’ve never felt less cool,” Harry sings on “From the Dining Table.” The singer credits the fact that he no longer had to edit himself while making the music he wanted for the honesty of the song. “I never do anything while listening to it, it’s a song that makes me stop and listen rather than doing something and having it on in the background.”

Read Harry’s full interview with USA Today here.

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