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Normani Kordei Is Feeling The Heat On “Dancing With The Stars”

Normani Kordei Is Feeling The Heat On Dancing With The StarsTeam Valmani gave the hosts at “Access Hollywood Live” a chance to pepper them with questions about their almost-perfect “Mulan” dance routine from Monday. In the process, Fifth Harmony’s Normani Kordei reflected on her journey through “Dancing With The Stars” so far, including how intense things are getting now.

“I feel like I’ve learned a lot–definitely,” Normani shared. “And I feel that we’re getting even more heated just because of the intensity of the competition.” Normani seems like she wasn’t quite as ready as she thought she was when the show started: “I have a dance background, but this is a whole different ballgame.”

Her partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, seems to be pretty proud of Normani’s progress. He sees a clear path forward to victory. “I just think that we need to steal the show every Monday night, four more times,” he said.

Watch their entire interview below.

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Normani Kordei Reveals Which Of The Remaining Members Of Fifth Harmony Is An Evil Queen

Normani Kordei Plays Mulan For Dancing With The Stars, Reveals Which Member Of Fifth Harmony Is Maleficent featureNormani Kordei is still dominating the “Dancing with the Stars” competition. The Fifth Harmony singer scored a 39 out of 40 on Monday night as she and partner Val Chmerkovskiy got manly to the classic Disney song “I’ll Make a Man Out of You.”

Even though her bandmates couldn’t make it to this episode, the group was still on Normani’s mind in an interview. Normani was asked which Disney princess each member of the group most resembled.

Normani picked Mulan for herself. Unsurprisingly, she drew a connection between Dinah Jane Hansen and Moana. Ally Brooke Hernandez is apparently an Emma Watson-type as Normani thought she resembled Belle from “Beauty and the Beast.” But her pick for Lauren Jauregui was a little less flattering.

For Lauren, Normani reportedly picked Maleficent, the villainous queen who put Sleeping Beauty to rest.

See Normani’s “Mulan” dance routine and catch some interviews from Monday night below.

(Photo credit: “Dancing with the Stars” YouTube account)

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“Dancing With The Stars” Is About To Make A Man Out Of Normani Kordei For Disney Night

Valmani tease their mulan danceNormani Kordei and “DWTS” partner Val Chmerkovskiy are giving fans a sneak peek into their upcoming “Mulan”-inspired Paso Doble routine. Monday night will be Disney night for the “Dancing With The Stars” contestants and Val is describing the performance as a “very macho dance.”

“Otherwise, it’s very conservative in here,” Val added. Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Normani’s partner had nothing but good things to say about the Fifth Harmony singer and how happy they are that they can fully focus on the competition. “I feel like now we actually have a week we don’t have to rush or stress out as much as we were,” Normani explained.

“We were literary pulling our hair out. Well, I know I was.”

Watch the ET interview with ValMani below.

(Photo credit: Normani Kordei Instagram account)

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Normani Kordei Is Basically A “Dancing With The Stars” Legend Already

Normani Kordei Is Basically Already A Dancing With The Stars Legend featureNormani Kordei has topped the “Dancing With The Stars” leaderboard for the second week in a row. Apparently, spending some quality time with her partner Val Chmerkovskiy paid off as the duo was in sync on a flashy foxtrot to “Big Spender.”

A part of the show’s Vegas Night Monday, the routine featured some snappy spins and a large craps table for a finale where Normani got to make it rain. Wearing a red sequin dress, Normani high kicked her way across the stage, earning her the highest score of the night: a 34 out of 40 from the judges.

Val and Normani’s sightseeing in Asia even paid off as the duo played tourists–complete with Hawaiian shirts and fanny packs–in the show’s big opening number.

Predictably, some of the other girls in Fifth Harmony had a lot to say about Normani’s latest routine. Lauren Jauregui and Dinah Jane Hansen tweeted about it as soon as they saw a video of the number on Twitter.

Check out Normani and Val’s foxtrot below, plus see what Dinah Jane had to say.

(Photo credit: “Dancing With The Stars” YouTube account)

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Normani Kordei And Val Chmerkovskiy Enjoy A Day Date In Hong Kong

Normani Kordei and Val C Enjoy a date in Hong KongNormani Kordei and “Dancing With The Stars” partner Val Chmerkovskiy went on a friendly date on Wednesday to explore Hong Kong. The duo documented their outing with videos on their respective Instagram stories.

The singer has been doing double duty as a contestant on “DWTS” and touring with Fifth Harmony, but the commitment hasn’t caused an issue after receiving the highest score of the night this past Monday.

Check out Normani and Val’s day date below.

(Photo credit: Normani Kordei Instagram account)

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Normani Kordei Dominates The Second Week Of “Dancing With The Stars”

Normani Kordei Dominates The Second Week Of Dancing With The Stars featureFifth Harmony’s Normani Kordei is predictably topping the leaderboard on “Dancing With The Stars.” In the second week of the show’s 24th season, Normani and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy danced the Cha Cha and tied with NFL star Rashad Jennings for the night’s highest score: a 32.

In a revealing yellow dress, the only thing bigger than Normani’s hair were her moves. Reportedly straight off a flight from Fifth Harmony’s tour in Asia, Normani was on point with some fancy footwork, a ton of twirls and some very high kicks. The effort got a ton of love from the judges.

See pics of Normani’s stunning look below, plus see video of Normani’s performance and what one judge had to say about her Cha Cha.

(Photo credit: “Dancing With The Stars” YouTube account)

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