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Lauren Jauregui Is Helping A Camila Cabello Fan Escape The Violence In Venezuela

Lauren Jauregui Is Helping A Camila Cabello Fan Escape Venezuela featureThe South American nation of Venezuela has been seized by riots and violence as the ruling socialist party is attempting to re-write the country’s constitution following elections largely considered fraudulent. Over 120 people are dead and reports from the ground paint a bleak picture of protests stifled by government forces.

The story is making its way around the world, and celebs are taking notice. Lauren Jauregui, who is Cuban American, tweeted about the situation. She’s also donated money to an online charity campaign for a Venezuelan Camila Cabello fan trying to escape the violence as food and medicine disappears.

Lauren gave $500 to a campaign for a girl named Victoria, who’s reportedly a huge Camila fan. The Camilizer’s Camila-loving friends set up the campaign as Victoria’s family struggled to move up their plans to leave the country.

“Vic has been an active member of the fandom since the start and she’s been a very vocal supporter of Camila throughout her entire journey as an artist, especially during the times Camila needed it the most,” Victoria’s friends wrote on the page. “We hope we can reach our goal to get her, her mom and sister out of Venezuela safely and give them a fresh new start in Miami.”

Whatever bad blood might still exist between Camila and the rest of Fifth Harmony, Lauren clearly doesn’t care when it comes to helping people escape a dictatorship as it takes shape.

Check out Lauren’s tweet and donation below.

(Photo credit: Fifth Harmony Instagram account)

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