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Lady Gaga Gets Her Own Wings During Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Lady Gaga Gets Her Own Wings During Her Performance At The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show featureLady Gaga brought three songs from “Joanne” to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris last week. The Mother Monster took the runway alongside the angels to perform “Million Reasons,” “A-Yo” and “John Wayne.”

Her set involved as many costume changes as it did songs. One notable fashion statement from Gaga was a pair of daunting heels she’s been practicing with. She also made some waves with a white leather jacket that had a special set of pop-up wings, which weren’t nearly as controversial as Kendall Jenner’s.

Gaga’s rendition of “Million Reasons” featured a few vocal improvisations. “A-Yo” had some solid backup dancers to feed into its high energy. But “John Wayne” stole the show as the crowd lost it when she spread her wings for the big finale.

Check out Gaga’s performance below.

(Photo credit: Victoria’s Secret Instagram account)

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