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Gigi Hadid Wears A Hijab On The Debut Vogue Arabia Cover And People Are Pissed

Gigi Hadid Arabic cover upsets fans-9Gigi Hadid made history on Wednesday when she was featured on the cover of Vogue Arabia’s inaugural issue. However, everyone is not as happy with Gigi’s 21st Vogue cover as she is.

Gigi is half-Palestinian and the publication’s Creative Director felt that it would be appropriate for the model to wear a Hijab, but some are calling it appropriation and insulting. Most of the backlash comes from people disliking the fact that Gigi doesn’t practice the muslim religion–although she’s never publicly discussed her religion–and feeling that she only claims her ethnicity when it’s advantageous.
Gigi Hadid Arabic cover upsets fans-3

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