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Lauren Jauregui: “I Refuse To Be Put Into The Box Of A Puppet”

Lauren Jauregui for Vulkan-5Lauren Jauregui sat down with Vulkan Magazine to dive deep into her feelings towards the current political climate. The singer is not shy about voicing her opposition to President Trump and his administration, and, like many celebrities, has been met with tons of backlash as a result.

“I receive a lot of ‘shut up, just sing and dance for us, you idiot, but I refuse to be put into the box of a puppet, and I will continue to voice my concerns and knowledge about what is happening right now for anyone who needs this to feel stronger,” she reveals. Although Lauren tweets a lot of her frustrations about politics, she doesn’t plan to restrict her activism to her phone keyboard. “I keep myself informed, I donate to almost every cause I come by, I’m working with my team to figure out organizations I can begin to work more closely with,” she adds.

The singer’s interview wasn’t all political. Lauren found time to reflect on her time on “The X Factor” in 2012. “I was apprehensive at first because although I was grateful for the opportunity, I definitely had never envisioned myself and my artistic path having anything to do with a pop girl group,” she explains. “I’d be nothing without them and where this journey has brought me.”

Read Lauren’s full interview and see more photos here.

(Photo credit: Vulkan Magazine Instagram account)

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