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Who Can Name A “High School Musical” Song? Apparently Not Zac Efron

Zac Efron Doesn't Remember HSM LyricsAt times, Zac Efron clearly doesn’t remember – or want to remember – his starring role in “High School Musical”. The “We Are Your Friends” actor played a game of “Guess the Song Title” with the movie’s director Max Joseph and co-star Emily Ratajkowski during an interview with “Cosmopolitan UK”. 

The trio were on a roll until the group needed to guess a song from “High School Musical.” In spite of the fact that it was Zac’s voice singing the song, the actor took a couple of attempts and a little too long to guess the song “Breaking Free” correctly. “There’s three movies of songs guys,” Zac defended himself as Max began to laugh.

(Photo Credit: Youtube)

Watch the funny video below. 

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