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Katy Perry’s Tour Costumes Look A Lot Like Lady Gaga Throwaways

Katy Perry tour looks-1Katy Perry’s “Witness: The Tour” kicked off in Montreal on Tuesday night. The singer recently took to Instagram to show off her multiple outfit changes from her delayed concert run.

Much like her music, Katy’s wardrobe for the tour is dramatic, over the top and appears to be made up of Lady Gaga leftovers.

Check out some of Katy’s looks below.

(Photo credit: Katy Perry Instagram account)


Lady Gaga’s Health Is On The Up And Up Thanks To Noah Cyrus

Lady Gaga reacts to Noah Cyrus-1Lady Gaga may be too sick to perform for her European fans, but the singer might be able to send Noah Cyrus in her place. On Tuesday, the youngest Cyrus opened for Katy Perry’s “Witness: The Tour” and to get the crowd ready with a little help from Lady Gaga.

Noah covered “Million Reasons” to help fill the time and received a nice reaction from Lady Gaga herself.
Lady Gaga reacts to Noah Cyrus-2Noah is scheduled to tour with Katy until November 1, so that gives the singer plenty of time to cover one of Miley Cyrus’ tracks off her “Younger Now” album.

Check out Noah’s cover of “Million Reasons” below.

(Photo credits: Lady Gaga and Noah Cyrus Instagram accounts)

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Katy Perry Has Officially Kicked Off Her Once-Delayed “Witness: The Tour”

Katy Perry kicks off Witness the tour in Montreal-1Katy Perry has been quiet as of late, but it’s not because Taylor Swift dropped her diss track. Instead, the singer has been focused on making sure all of her stage pieces were up to par to kick off the “Witness: The Tour” which began on Tuesday night.

Joined by Noah Cyrus as her opening act, Katy started in Montreal after cancelling what was supposed to be her kick-off performance in Buffalo, New York. Taking style cues from Grace Jones, her fashion choices resembled stage outfits rejected by Lady Gaga. Speaking of Lady Gaga, Noah took on the pop singer’s “Million Reasons” as she got the crowd warmed up for the main attraction.

Katy is scheduled to tour until August 21 of next year, but hopefully she is able to stay healthy enough to finish out her tour without anymore cancelled dates.

Watch clips of Katy’s first show below.

(Photo credits: Universal Music CA and evrenperry Twitter accounts)

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Carly Rae Jepsen Claims Katy Perry’s Delayed Tour Will Be Worth The Wait

Carly Rae Jepsen- Katy Perry's Delayed Tour Is Worth The Wait featureCarly Rae Jepsen was hitting the red carpet for a premiere of her new animated movie “Leap!” when an interviewer asked her a few questions about Katy Perry’s upcoming tour. Carly is set to open for Katy on the road, but she doesn’t have any insight into what’s going with production issues delaying the tour.

“I’m in the dark,” Carly said when asked about the delay of almost two weeks. “But I’m sure that the wait will be well worth it.” Katy may not be keeping Carly in the loop, but the “Call Me Maybe” singer doesn’t have any reservations about touring with recovering petty queen Katy.

“I’ve obviously known her throughout the years and we get along great,” Carly said. “So it’ll be a lot of fun I’m sure. We definitely have had some fun nights before. Tours are always busy. You never know how much time you have off to rest your voice. But if we can get in some partying at the end, we will!”

Hopefully, Katy and Carly will be looking out for their tour-mate Noah Cyrus, too.

Check out Carly’s interview below.

(Photo credits: Carly Rae Jepsen and Katy Perry Instagram accounts)

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