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Katy Perry Is Headed To The Top Of The Album Charts For The Third Time

Katy Perry debuting at number one-1Katy Perry has come out on top with her third number-one album, “Witness.” The singer will be making her way to the top of the Billboard 200 charts replacing Halsey’s number-one album, despite Taylor Swift’s sneaky power play to put her music back on streaming services.

Billboard reported on the singer’s surprising album debut on Sunday, revealing that “Witness” sold 180,000 units. Katy was quick to thank fans for keeping her career afloat–and given the underwhelming performance of her album’s singles, she has a lot to be thankful for.
Katy Perry debuting at number one-2Katy’s album release was heavily promoted by rehashing her year-long feud with Taylor Swift as well as a 72-hour livestream. Katy is now the second female to gain a number-one album this year.

Are you shocked that Katy’s album will be number one?

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Taylor Swift Slithers Back To Streaming Services The Same Day Katy Perry Drops

Taylor Swift Comes Slithering Back To Streaming Services With Plenty Of Venom For Katy Perry featureTaylor Swift’s a publicity mastermind. The singer’s truest art probably comes in the headlines she makes–and the ones she steals. Pop music’s biggest snake is at it again. This time, she’s trying to squeeze the life out of Katy Perry’s album “Witness” by returning her entire catalogue to streaming services on the day of Katy’s release.

Taylor used to hate streaming services, but apparently stealing Katy’s thunder is a petty enough reason for her to make her return. Seven of Taylor’s albums, including a live album and deluxe editions of “Red” and “1989,” are available now on services like Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music and Pandora Radio.

Katy has been sounding off about Taylor a lot lately. She’s even dropped a Taylor diss track. But Katy is only human, after all. And the latest move by Taylor might mean this beef has plenty more time on the grill.

Listen to Katy’s new album and one of Taylor’s old albums below.

Is Taylor being calculated or is this just a coincidence?

(Photo credit: Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Instagram accounts)

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“Witness” The Track List For Katy Perry’s New Album

Witness The Track List For Katy Perry's New Album featureKaty Perry’s new album is dropping next week and she’s finally shared a look at a 15-song track list for the new release. In a hallucinatory teaser, Katy revealed the names off the songs on her upcoming album, “Witness.”

While there weren’t any surprise featured artists, there were some surprisingly uninspired song titles like “Power,” “Into Me You See” and “Hey Hey Hey.” Other titles like “Saves As Draft” and “Mind Maze” might promise more intrigue.

But it can be hard to tell with Katy. She seems committed to clumsily stumbling back and forth over the line between politics and popular success. Whether her new album will have her trying to prove she’s woke or doing her best impression of Miley Cyrus circa 2013, it probably won’t feel very authentic.

Check out Katy’s track list below.

Which unreleased song from “Witness” interests you the most?

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Katy Perry Wants To Unite The Fandoms Following Manchester Attack

Katy Perry Wants To Unite The Fandoms Following Manchester Attack featureKaty Perry has been busy as she gears up for her “Witness” era. Just after dishing on the origins of her Taylor Swift feud, Katy offered up a message of unity following the tragedy at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. Speaking with Elvis Duran, the “Swish Swish” singer was emotional about how to process the attack.

“I can’t really tell anyone else how they should feel, but I just feel devastated,” Katy said. “I think, like, the greatest thing that we can do now is just unite as people, as, like, fan bases–all of it, you know?” Katy’s message of unity continued as she said, “The greatest thing we can do is unite and love on each other.

“I know some of our fanbases kind of go both ways,” she explained. “Ari’s fans are my fans and my fans are Ari’s fans. And we’re just all loving on each other and we should stay loving on each other.”

Hear what else Katy had to say about the aftermath below, plus watch her entire interview about being in her 30s, “American Idol” and more with Elvis below.

(Photo credit: “Elvis Duran Show” YouTube account)

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Katy Perry Begs Fans to Buy “Witness Tour” Tickets In Bizarre String Of Visuals

Katy Perry Witness TOur featureMonday morning, Katy Perry released a trailer for her “Witness Tour” tickets that went on sale at 10am. Since then, she’s shared more videos via Twitter, updating fans in each time zone that their time has come to pay their way into her upcoming concert series. It seems Katy is desperate for all of us to witness this flop of a tour she has planned.

To buy tickets, visit Katy Perry’s website.

(Photo credit: Katy Perry’s Instagram account)

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Katy Perry Unveils “Witness” Artwork And It Looks Awfully Familiar

Katy Perry Drops Witness Artwork And It Looks Awfully Familiar featureKaty Perry is full of surprises. The singer revealed the artwork for her upcoming album without any teasers. The reveal is earning high praise from fans, but it’s also sparked some comparisons to work from other artists. While Katy’s Eurythmics-inspired style on the cover might be another sign of a New Wave revival, the artwork itself is drawing comparisons to several notable works.

Comparisons to the cover of Christina Aguilera’s 2010 album “Bionic” come from the peroxide blonde hair and the surreal imagery. The eyeball in the mouth looks pretty similar to the cover of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s 2009 single “Zero.” The surrealism actually goes way back to famous Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dalí, who often used similar motifs in his work.

Check out Katy’s artwork below and compare it to some of these other images.

What do you think of Katy’s take on this classic trope?

(Photo credits: Katy Perry Vevo, Christina Aguilera YouTube accounts)

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