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Angelina Jolie’s Dad Says Miley Cyrus And Shia LaBeouf Are “Teaching Treason”

Jon Voight accuses Miley Cyrus of TreasonWhile the rest of the world came together to march for women’s rights this past Saturday, actor Jon Voight, father of one of Hollywood’s biggest humanitarians Angelina Jolie, stayed home. TMZ caught the actor on Tuesday in Beverly Hills and he had some harsh words for the celebs who participated in the Women’s March, specifically Miley Cyrus and Shia LaBeouf.

Calling the marches “destructive,” Jon then goes on to say that because of Miley and Shia’s younger fanbase watching their every move they are in fact “teaching treason.” Jon recognizes that the act of protesting is a First Amendment right, but the actor feels the purpose of Saturday’s march was to go against the president. “They’re teaching going against the government, not accepting the will of the people on this presidency,” the actor said.

In the past Miley has voiced her opposition of President Trump, but soon accepted him as the leader of the U.S. and Shia recently launched “He Will Not Divide Us,” a live stream that will be up for the four years Donald Trump is in office.

Watch the full video of Jon on Miley and Shia below.

Do you think the veteran actor makes a good point?

(Photo credit: Miley Cyrus Instagram account)

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Gigi Hadid Puts Her Foot In Her Mouth With Tweets Supporting The Women’s March

Gigi Hadid Puts Her Foot In Her Mouth With Tweets Supporting The Women's March FEATUREGigi Hadid always has a hard time with politics. After her Melania Trump impression fell flat at 2016’s American Music Awards, it looked like the model would stay quiet about incoming President Donald Trump and his First Lady. But as women led marches all across the globe over the weekend, Gigi was too moved not to speak up in support of the marchers.
Gigi Hadid Puts Her Foot In Her Mouth With Tweets Supporting The Women's March gh tweet 4

In a series of tweets, Gigi praised people who took to the streets to make their voices heard. While Gigi’s actual political opinions were harder to spot than her rumored engagement ring, she went out of her way to send love and support to the demonstrations and everyone who participated. Unfortunately, her message wasn’t exactly well-received as some phrasing in one of the tweets had some activists upset.

Gigi Hadid Puts Her Foot In Her Mouth With Tweets Supporting The Women's March reply 2

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Lauren Jauregui Was “Over-F*cking-Whelmed” By The Women’s March

Lauren Jauregui Was Over-Fcking-Welmed By The Women's MarchLauren Jauregui’s time at the Women’s March on Washington was expanded on in an interview with Nylon. The publication caught up with Lauren fresh off of the march where she discussed her reasons for joining in and what the experience actually felt like. “I’m marching for women, I’m marching for the LGBT community, I’m marching for immigrants,” she says. “I happen to fall into all three categories, so I’m marching for myself at the end of the day and for my family and my friends.”

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Miley Cyrus Has A Surprising Message For President Trump

Miley Cyrus Sends A Surprising Message To Donald TrumpMiley Cyrus was one of many celebrities to attend the Women’s March on Saturday. Just like Demi Lovato, Miley also had the pleasure of introducing a special guest. She spoke with hopeful undertones in a speech about seeing dreams become reality as she welcomed GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis to the stage.

During the march, an interviewer caught up with Miley and asked if she had anything to say to President Donald Trump. “Nothing, just sending lots of love,” she said while gesturing a thumbs up.

Miley’s response—as a supporter of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton—might come as a surprise. The singer’s post-election message, on the other hand, could make her positivity read as a fulfilled promise of remaining hopeful.

Check out all of Miley’s photos and videos from the Women’s March as well as her message to Trump below.

Are you surprised by her words?

(Photo credit: Miley Cyrus Instagram account and MileySourceNews Twitter account)

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Demi Lovato Delivers Moving Speech And Everything Else You Might Have Missed From The Women’s March

Demi Lovato Delivers Moving Speech At Women's MarchSaturday’s Women’s March took over the world and many celebrities stepped out to participate in the sister marches throughout the country. Actors, actresses, musicians and icons stood in solidarity with the fight for equality. Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Vanessa Hudgens and Demi Lovato all attended the event’s Los Angeles location. Kristen Stewart carved out time during the Sundance Film Festival to march in Utah while Lauren Jaureugi, Bella Thorne and Zendaya were forces to be reckoned with at the headquarters in Washington D.C.

As the days pass, social media posts continue to come out of the woodwork and fans are now able to see even more of what went down on Saturday that may have been missed.

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Halsey Raises $100,000 For Planned Parenthood With A Single Tweet

Halsey Raises $100,000 For Planned Parenthood With A Tweet FEATUREHalsey was so amped up off the energy of the Women’s March on Washington, she decided to get her Twitter followers in on the action. The “Not Afraid Anymore” singer tweeted out a special personal message on Saturday night reflecting on her own history with Planned Parenthood, the reproductive health service provider threatened by some lawmakers’ policy decisions. In a lengthy message, Halsey wrote about how she credits the non-profit with getting her to the march.

“I am honored to have supported Planned Parenthood as one of the many causes that put me on the streets of Washington D.C. today,” she wrote. She said that Planned Parenthood helped her through her miscarriage and her endometriosis with “a clean, caring facility that treated me with compassion. Treated me like a warrior.”

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