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Hard At Work Or Hardly Working? Selena Gomez Makes Out With Her Co-Star On Set

Hard At Work Selena Gomez Makes Out With Her Co-Star On SetSelena Gomez got all wet on the set of her new movie earlier this week. The Woody Allen picture has had the singer roaming the streets of New York for days for her ambitious role as a celebrity. When she’s not busy handling the throngs of fans showing up at the shoot, she’s making out with her co-star Timothée Chalamet for the cameras.

Footage and pics of the two swapping spit for the screen surfaced on Thursday. In the shots, the duo is in a BMW convertible, looking like they’re driving into the sunset if not directly into the sun. Surely, the make-out session was strictly professional. But Selena was allegedly caught talking to her boyfriend, The Weeknd, on Facetime the same day.

Maybe she just needed to be reminded of the guy she kisses for free.

Check out pics and video of Selena with Timothée and checking in with The Weeknd below.

(Photo credits: Selena Gomez and Timothée Chalamet Instagram accounts)

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Selena Gomez Mobbed By Fans On The Set Of Woody Allen Film

Selena Gomez mobbed by fans in NYC-1Selena Gomez is a celebrity playing a celebrity in Woody Allen’s upcoming film. During her time on-set she has already endured the elements. Now, she has to proven that she can tangle with a throng of fans and come out unscathed.

Selena was spotted hugging and taking selfies with a group of fans. The gawkers gushed about how nice she was and how excited they were to meet her. The group quickly became overly excited and engulfed the actress as she tried to take as many photos as humanly possible.

See video of Selena with fans below.

(Photo credit: LifeWithSelG twitter account)

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A Month On-Set With Woody Allen And Selena Gomez Is Already Washed Up

Selena Gomez caught in rain-1Selena Gomez is back on set filming a Woody Allen movie that she will be starring in. In recent shots snapped of the singer, Selena looks like an everyday NYC girl carrying multiple bags who gets caught in the rain as she tries to catch a cab.

Despite her recent kidney transplant, the singer seems healthy, happy and too busy playing in the rain to follow behind her boyfriend The Weekend.

Watch footage of Selena on set below.

(Photo credit: Selena Gomez Instagram account)

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Method Actress Selena Gomez Is A Celebrity Playing A Celebrity In Woody Allen’s Latest Film

Selena Gomez seen on the set of Woody Allen filmSelena Gomez is all settled into her Greenwich Village apartment with The Weeknd and now it’s time to get to work. The singer was spotted on the set of her upcoming Woody Allen film on Monday.

Selena was captured by the paparazzi wearing a long, tan trench coat and kissing her co-star on the streets of New York. She was later seen getting some direction from Woody Allen himself on how to be a better actress. Although Selena looked pretty annoyed by the paparazzi while out of character, from the looks of it she’s going to be aggravated by the invasive cameramen in the film as well.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video from Selena’s day on-set below.

(Photo credit: fluffysparkler Instagram account)

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