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Hilary Duff’s Son Didn’t Even Know She Was Famous

Hilary Duff's Son Didn't Even Know She Was Famous featureHilary Duff’s show “Younger” is still a thing. As the sitcom’s fourth season premiered on Wednesday night, Hilary celebrated by sharing pics of herself partying in New York. After getting drunk with her cast mates, Hilary powered through a hangover for an appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”

“I’m a little tired today,” Hilary admitted when asked about her wild night. “We knocked a few back.” Hilary spent the evening playing drinking games with friends and not apologizing to pissed-off patrons at the bars she hit up.

Hilary Duff's Son Didn't Even Know She Was Famous instagram post 5Hilary also discussed her son, Luca Comrie. She said that the 5 year old is starting to catch on the fact that his mom is a bit of a celebrity.

“He’s starting to figure it out more and more,” she said. “I think some little rascal at school told him what my name was.” Apparently, Luca came home one day after learning that his mom’s name was famous and backed her into a corner for a gotcha moment.

“He’s seen me on the cover of magazines in the grocery store and I really think he just thinks the next day, like, Shane’s mommy is going to be on a magazine,” she said. Sounds like Luca is still getting the hang of how fame works. Maybe he just needs to binge watch “Lizzie McGuire” first.

Watch Hilary’s interview below, plus see her late night out in New York.

(Photo credit: “Late Night with Seth Meyers” YouTube account)

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Hilary Duff Eye-F*cks The Paparazzi As She Stops Traffic In New York

Hilary Duff Films 'Younger' In NYCHilary Duff is a common sight to Los Angeles paparazzi. The mom of one is often spotted on her days off hitting the gym. But the working actress doesn’t spend all her time on coffee runs.

Hilary was spotted on set in New York on Monday shooting her TV show “Younger.” Wearing a short pink dress and some platform heels, Hilary was looking like a young professional on set.

Hilary was shooting eyes at the photographers when she wasn’t in the middle of a scene.

See the pics below.