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YouTube Yanks All Ads From Logan Paul’s Channel Due To “Pattern Of Behavior”

YouTube Yanks All Ads From Logan Paul's ChannelLogan Paul has been under scrutiny since the beginning of the year, when he shared a video from inside of Japan’s “Suicide Forest” and seemingly showed a suicide victim. The YouTube star issued various apologies, but many are still left questioning his sincerity with Logan’s continuance of controversial videos. His most recent, a video published February 5, has resulted in another massive blow to his source of income.

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Logan Paul’s New Suicide Awareness Video Doesn’t Erase His History Of Stupidity

Logan Paul Returns To YouTube With Suicide Awareness Video featureLogan Paul has returned from the brink of career suicide. The vlogger appeared to have lost it all when a video he shared of a suicide victim in Japan got him kicked off of YouTube. Logan made it clear he thinks he deserves a second chance after his fiasco and he’s shooting that shot now with a new video about suicide awareness and prevention.

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