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Yovanna Ventura Calls Selena Gomez ‘Bella’ + Selenita Goes To Zoo In Santa Barbara After Bieber Fight

yovann-selena (3)yovann-selena (2)yovann-selena (1)Yovanna Ventura loves Selena Gomez‘s beauty despite having to compete with each for time and sex from Justin Bieber. To recover from her emotional fight with Bitty, Selena went to the zoo in Santa Barbara. Via SelenaBrazil

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Justin Bieber ‘Religiously’ Watches Every Move That Selena Gomez Makes On Social Media

bieber-selena-move (2)Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are desperate to make each other jealous, reports TMZ. After Selena the picture of Selena humping Tanz Watson, 26, was posted, he posted a picture on Instagram of himself and Yovanna Ventura: ‘Justin religiously watches Selena’s every move on social media, so this is no coincidence.’

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‘Justin Bieber Put Selena Gomez On The Back Burner.. But He Told Yovanna That Selena Is The One And He Loves Her’

yo-shotz (1)yo-shotz (2)Justin Bieber spent the weekend of June 26 partying around Los Angeles with friends and chatting up a stream of models, leaving Selena Gomez out in the cold. Source told OK!: ‘A lot of his friends were in town for the BET Awards.

He just put Selena on the back burner. Selena is a wreck but is so in love that she is willing to look the other way. But, Justin tells everyone, even these other girls, that Selena’s The One and he loves her.’ Gross on all levels..

UPDATED with pix of Lil B in his cheetah car on date with Yo!

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